A Holiday Show at the State Theater

Happy Holidays to you all. I can't believe that Christmas was just two days ago and the New Year is almost here. If you remember I had a giveaway a few weeks ago here on the blog.
In case you are a new reader I had partnered up with the State Theater here in New Brunswick, NJ. They were so kind enough to give me 4 giveaway tickets to the Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer show that took place last week.

My family and I also attended the show and we had such an awesome time. It was my first time seeing a show at the State Theater New Jersey and it was also my boys first time seeing a theater show. I was super impress with how much my boys loved it. I myself who grew up with participating in theater & dance along with seeing a few Broadway shows was extremely impress with the show as well. The actors, stage design and costumes were so on point and just brought the classical Rudolph Story to life. Unfortunately the show was only on for one day. I hope that next year they will also have this show and maybe extend it for a weekend because it really is such a nice one to see and its a great holiday activity to do with the family.

As we all know the message in the story is that Rudolph is different and was picked on for being different. My oldest son has sung this song numerous of times and didn't realize the message until he actually saw the live performance. When I asked him what he thought of the show and what does he think the message in the show was he answered me with this:

"Mommy I really loved the show. Rudolph was being bullied and that's not cool because its OK to be different. We shouldn't pick on others just because they don't look like us. Everyone is different in their own way and that's OK."

My oldest is 8 years old and we don't teach him to see color or disabilities among with other things that make us all different. He really has an amazing heart and I hope that he will never lose that.
I'm happy that along with seeing a holiday show that he was able to take in the message as well.
Here are some of the pictures from our night at the theater.

The State Theater New Jersey offers a numerous of different shows for all ages. You can check out the Website Here for all the up coming shows. They have some pretty good ones so go check them out.

(Although this post was sponsored all opinions remain my own.)

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