Spiders & Bats "OH MY!"

Recently I posted on Instagram a picture of our Halloween crafts we did on a rainy day and I thought to my self why didn't I just do a post on it. Well here I am. Better late then never right. It truly is such a simple craft that anyone can do and it will keep
your kids nice and quiet even if its for just 10 min. Which in my opinion 10 minutes of quiet is Heaven!! 

 Bats and Spiders is what was on the crafting agenda and I do have to say that they came out pretty nice. We had a nice time crafting and no one was fighting so there was no time outs during this craft session. 

My kids absolutely love anything that has to do with paint and holidays. They love displaying their art work in the play room and feel super proud about their creations. Here's what we did and used to make our Spiders and Bats! 


|What You Need|

White Paper Plates
Paint of Your Choice
Googly Eyes Multi Pack
Pipe Cleaners of Your Choice
Glue or Hot Glue Gun 
String for Hanging 

Step 1: You will need 2 paper plates

Step 2: Paint Both paper plates Only Back Sides

Step 3: Take a Snack break while the Plates Dry! LOL

Step 4: Once the plates are dry turn over the White Side and place your Pipe Cleaners inside the way you want them to look. Once you have them in place then put a piece of tape over them to secure them in place.

Step 5: Use Glue or Hot Glue (we used Hot Glue, it worked better and dried faster) on the edge of the plate and place the other plate on top with the painted side facing UP!

Step 6: Press Firmly to secure!

Step 7: Glue your Googly Eyes on and place your string to hang!


|What You Need|

Black Construction Paper
Googly Eyes
Glue or Hot Glue Gun
Template or Free Hand

Step 1: Fold your paper in Half

Step 2: Starting on the crease Trace or Free Hand your Bat

Step 3: Cut your Bat shape out 

Step 4: Open your bat and Glue your Googly Eyes on.

Step 5: Place tape on back and stick to your desire location. You may also add a string for hanging option.
Step 6: Repeat to make more.

FYI: I was able to fit 3 Bats to a page. All depending on the size you want. 

You can find your supplies pretty much anywhere they sell craft and art supplies. My go to places to find these items are Dollar Tree & Walmart because they are closer to me. If you try these out with your kiddies place share your pics with me on Instagram and tag me in them. 

Happy Halloween Crafting!!! 


  1. Super Cool!!! You are soooo talented ... I going to try and do these with Dani.... wish me luck!!! lol

    Thanks for join us at #alittlebitofeverything.

    1. Aww Thank You amiga. It's super easy. Just have fun with it. Dani will have lots of fun with you making these.