Last weekend we went to Diggerland in West Berlin, NJ. It was about an hour and 15 min drive from where we live so the drive was not bad at all. Of course the day we go the weather decides it wants to be the HOTTEST day in September. I thought by now that the weather would have cooled down making this a Fun Fall activity for the boys but nope it totally felt like a hot summer day.

When I told the boys where we were going they were excited but really didn't think they could be driving trucks on their own or with an adult. This amusement park is definitely heaven for little boys who are obsess with anything that has to do with trucks. My little one is a Monster Truck and Truck lover and because he knows that his dad is a truck driver he loves it even more. Every truck he sees on the road is daddy's truck. lol

Now although my oldest was able to get on pretty much everything my little guy was not. He was able to get on a lot of stuff with an adult which is fine because seriously who would let a 3 year old drive anything. I honestly think the perfect age to really enjoy and get most of your experience  would be 4 and up.

The staff were super friendly and answered any questions we had. They showed you how to operate each ride as each one is different. The park was not packed so there was a no wait time on getting on any of the attractions.

We really enjoyed the family/group rides because we were all able to get on together and enjoy the experience together. I can't wait to go back when my little guy is a little older so he can really enjoy it even more.

If your are in the NJ / NY/ PA area I would definitely check it out. You wont be disappointed. My boys said it was one of the coolest parks they have been to. 
Check out the website DiggerlandUSA for all the Fun Fall Activities they have coming up.

Thank You Diggerland for having us! We had a BLAST!!

(Although this post was sponsored all opinions remain my own)

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