Boys Sweatshirts for Under $10

As much as I was excited for the Fall chilly air it seems that Mother Nature is not done with summer yet. Its chilly in the morning and then its up in the 80's during the afternoon. So we are stuck in the not quite sure what the weather is going to be stage.(Lol)

I have never really been a fan of sweatshirts until this past year. And so because I have been obsess with the comfort causal look of a cute sweatshirt for myself clearly I wanted to find some cute ones for my boys as well.
Now I have been searching for not only some stylish ones but also budget friendly ones as well. I realized that not everything has to be super expensive brands for kids. Kids grow fast and are constantly getting dirty so buying expensive pieces are not important to me. Now just because I don't buy expensive pieces for my boys does not mean that the pieces I do buy need to look cheap or not on trend. I love to find items at a more affordable price that wont break the bank but that I know they can still be fashionable, comfortable and if they mess up their clothes I wont be Crazy MOM about it.

I seriously love how my boys can have some diversity in their wardrobe since its so hard to shop for them. They have tons of zip up hoodies and jackets so mixing it up with a sweatshirt is a win for me. If its chilly they can rock out a sweatshirt over a tee shirt and still be warm. I really like for them to have different choices and not always look the same. As a mom who is constantly taking so many pictures of their kids I would love to see different outfits and not the same jacket in every other picture.(Lol)  Please tell me I am not alone.

Below I listed & linked some of my favorite Sweatshirts for Toddlers & Boys that are UNDER $10.
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