|Birthday Weekend Getaway|

Last weekend we celebrated our oldest son's 8th Birthday. Every year we usually go all out in throwing him a party. When I became a mom I knew that every year I wanted to throw some awesome birthday parties that my kids will remember. Growing up I can only remember 2 birthdays. So it has always been important to me to take as many pictures and have these parties so that they can always remember that I did my best in giving them all I could.
Now that my son is a little older we gave him the choice of having a party or going away for his birthday. He choose going away. So Hershey Park was our choice for the weekend getaway and Birthday Festivities. What made it even more special is that it was all our first time going to Hershey Park.

Now I knew nothing about Hershey Park and the different things to do there. So I of course went to google to do some research on where to stay and the different prices. None of the hotels really stood out to me. There were a lot of hotels that had some awesome deals but I wanted the WOW factor for my son. I wanted to make sure that we didn't just have the Hershey theme park experience but to also have the HOTEL experience as well. I thought about well if it rains what kind of indoor things can my kids do. I was really stuck between places and prices until I read a fellow bloggers review on her experience. Once I read her post I made the decision to bit the bullet and book our stay at the Hershey Lodge. It was the best decision. We do not regret anything about our stay. Not only did it meet our expectations but my kids as well. From the indoor water park, arcade, kids activities in the hotel, out door pool, miniature golf , restaurants etc. Just so much to offer you on your stay. Everything was so family friendly, the staff was so nice and hotel was beautiful. Our package deal included the hotel stay, kids free breakfast, tickets to the theme park, The Hershey Story Museum, & The Hershey Gardens. I totally recommend the Hershey Lodge if your planning a trip to Hershey Park, PA. You won't be disappointed.

Although we would be away for Jay's Birthday I knew that I still had to keep my traditions going. Every year I decorate my son's room the night before his birthday while he is sleeping. He loves waking up to birthday surprise decor. I of course lugged the Happy Birthday balloons that I used for my youngest birthday with me on this trip and hung them above the bed. We bought his favorite donuts at the local Dunkin Donuts in Hershey and sang Happy Birthday. It wouldn't be a party if we didn't have gifts and some confetti. He was a very Happy Boy! The smile on his face was PRICELESS!

I honestly did not realize how big Hershey Park is. It really is a beautiful place and so clean. I love that they give back to the kids in education. Hershey has its own school and the way it works is that a child can get a full scholarship to their school but here's the catch you have to be an under privileged student and grades are not a factor. Every penny earned at its theme park goes back to the school and education for those students that apply. You have to be a resident at Hershey for the school year though. How amazing is that. That truly made me really fall in LOVE with HERSHEY!!!

With so many activities and everything in between I do have to say that Hershey kicked our butts. We were literally so exhausted that no one had a problem falling asleep and the kids did not fight with one another as they do at home. It was an awesome mini vacation & Jay had an AWESOME Birthday!
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