Last weekend we went to Diggerland in West Berlin, NJ. It was about an hour and 15 min drive from where we live so the drive was not bad at all. Of course the day we go the weather decides it wants to be the HOTTEST day in September. I thought by now that the weather would have cooled down making this a Fun Fall activity for the boys but nope it totally felt like a hot summer day.

Boys Sweatshirts for Under $10

As much as I was excited for the Fall chilly air it seems that Mother Nature is not done with summer yet. Its chilly in the morning and then its up in the 80's during the afternoon. So we are stuck in the not quite sure what the weather is going to be stage.(Lol)

I have never really been a fan of sweatshirts until this past year. And so because I have been obsess with the comfort causal look of a cute sweatshirt for myself clearly I wanted to find some cute ones for my boys as well.

|Birthday Weekend Getaway|

Last weekend we celebrated our oldest son's 8th Birthday. Every year we usually go all out in throwing him a party. When I became a mom I knew that every year I wanted to throw some awesome birthday parties that my kids will remember. Growing up I can only remember 2 birthdays. So it has always been important to me to take as many pictures and have these parties so that they can always remember that I did my best in giving them all I could.