Tips for Back-to-School Shopping!

If you haven't started your Back-to-School shopping yet then you need to get to it. I have been shopping since July. Crazy yes I know this but when your a mom on a budget and living on a fix income then you need to prepare early. Because as we all know time passes
us by rather quickly. I wanna share with you some of the tips that have helped me save and not have to buy anything full price. 

  1. I like to sign up with my email to all the stores that I like shopping at for my kids.
  2. I also like signing up for mobile alerts as well. You best believe I will get the message one way or another. (Old Navy sends me alerts when they are having their one day in store sales on particular items.Last Saturday they had their 50% off all Jeans.) 
  3. I stalk the sites for anything that I been wanting in particular to see if its on sale. Because best believe once the price drops it will be gone before you know it. (Old Navy is usually the one I stalk.) 
  4. If there's a sale online you can also call to see if there are any promotions in store before making your online purchase and if you have the option to reserve online and pick up in stores definitely use it. (Children's Place has that option and I have used it in the past. They will also give you the online price which in most cases is cheaper then the store promotion.)
  5. If its a universal item that they may carry in all types of stores like Uniforms then do your homework to see where is the best deal at.
  6. Last but not least also download the Cartwheel app for Target. I get alerts from them as well when there are new savings. 

What are some of your shopping tips for Back-to-School that work for you?

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