Back to School Picks for Boys!

                   Although my Back to School shopping has been done for some time now I couldn't resist on picking up a few items up for the boys yesterday. Now my oldest does wear uniforms to school which seriously makes it so much better in the mornings. He dose not attend  private school, it just happens that the public schools in our town require the kids to wear uniform pants or skirts with a polo that has the school logo.
Super easy for us and I totally think all schools should get on the uniform trend. Now just because I don't have to purchase a whole new school wardrobe I still need to purchase Fall/Winter attire since the season will be changing within the next month or so. I don't like buying all their clothes at once as there is always new items and sales going on. So I like to spread out my shopping for them through out the months. Here are a few items that I did pick up yesterday from some of my favorite stores that I like to shop at for my boys.

H&M is having an awesome deal on TOP|BOTTOM for $9.99. Children's Place Online is still running their 50% off Entire Site and FREE Shipping. The Sales in the store were not the same. The Better Deal is definitely online and if its something you need right away you can Order Online and Pick Up in Store. Crazy 8 Online is also having 50% off their Entire Site and in Stores they are having 40% off.

You can click on the images for direct links to the products.

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Happy Shopping!!!

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