UnCommon Goods: Shopping Gift Guide

Have you ever had to shop for a special occasion such as a Bridal Shower, Anniversary, or even a Baby Shower and feel as you just want to buy something that is out of the ordinary. Something that is just different and not something that everyone has the same of. Well I am going to share with you some of my favorite choices for these special occasion milestone parties as I like to say.
It's not like you go to a wedding or anniversary party every day. I mean I been to a few Bridal Showers and I always wanted to buy a gift that would stand out and I wish I had known about UnCommon Goods  then because they truly have such an amazing selection in so many different categories. Trust me when I say you won't be finding these items in any local store or big chain retailer either. 

My first choice that I would love to share with you is this beautiful piece that is such a perfect Gift for a Bridal Shower. It is definitely something that I wish I would have received for my Bridal Shower. Its called the Wedding Celebration Drop Box. You can have it customized for the bride and groom to display on there wedding day for their guest to personalized each heart and drop in the frame. The happy couple can have it for years to come as a memory and also display it in their home.


My next choice that I am loving so much is this Personalized Cutting Board. I would totally pick this up as an Anniversary Gift for a special couple. I mean I just celebrated my 9th year wedding anniversary and I definitely would have loved to received this as a gift. It's a piece that you will use daily and can also display on your kitchen counter as decor. It seriously is a beautiful piece. 

Last but not least I wanna share my top Baby Gift that would be perfect for a shower. The Mommy to be will absolutely love it and there definitely will not be a duplicate one. This adorable Personalized Baby Keepsake Box is perfect to put a baby's most precious memories. You can fit baby booties, hospital bracelets and more. It really is a sweet gift. As you can see I love any gift that is personalized. I love to give a gift that someone else would love as much as I would and that has meaning. 

Uncommon Goods has so many unique gifts to choose from. Each item has a Story in the description box that makes it even more special in purchasing. 
This Company has so many things that I love about them then just the products. 

Here are a few reasons why:

  1. The Company UnCommon Goods is dependently owned. This gives them the freedom to support causes they believe in. The company is building relationships with non-profit organizations through Better to Give, a program they created that allows their customers to choose a partner to donate $1 to with every order they make.
  2. The CEO of the company Dave Bolotsky is passionate about the role of business in implementing a fair minimum wage. All of their operations are run from the historic Brooklyn Army Terminal, where the lowest-paid seasonal worker starts above the 50% minimum wage. (How awesome is that.)
  3. Uncommon Goobs is a B Corporation. Which means they use the power of business to solve social and environmental issues. They meet a vigorous standard on a wide range of issues, including wage levels, giving back to the community and environmental impact.  

You can definitely check out the UnCommon Goods  page where you can read more about their Story. Don't forget to browse around their site as they have so many options that you won't be disappointed.

(This post was Sponsored by Uncommon Goods. As always all opinions are my own.)


  1. I have ordered a number of gifts through here- although a bit pricey I think they have all turned out nicely.


  2. I love Uncommon Goods! I bought my husband a cool framed blueprint image of Fenway Park. He's a huge Red Sox fan. It's always a great place for a good find!

    1. That's awesome! They have so many different things. Thanks for stopping on by! xox

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