Life's A Beach!

This summer has been a busy one. I promised my self that I would keep super busy this summer and made sure that I did as much as I could with the kids during the week but to also have lots of family time on the weekend. We have been doing just that. While the hubby is at work during the week the kids and I have been doing so much that its finally catching up to me. I'm officially over exhausted and we still have another month of summer vacation to go!

 I have to say that out of all the activities that we been doing this summer break we have been loving the beach more then anything. We have been visiting the beach more then ever this year and enjoying what it has to offer. If your from New Jersey then your familiar with Seven Presidents in Long Branch, NJ. I have been coming to this beach for years with my girlfriends back when we were in our early 20's and super cool. (Lol) Now I been coming with my family and the vibe is definitely different. Admiring my boys playing in the sand and getting excited when jumping the waves puts a big smile on my face. Just relaxing and enjoying one another is so worth it. When your on the beach life feels like a stand still. There's nothing fast paste about beach time. 

I enjoy the sea breeze while digging my toes in the sand and just taking it all in. 
My boys on the other hand like digging holes and burying their toys in the sand. Not fun for me when they forget where they buried their most favorite treasures and mom has to go NUTS
looking for them. The beach has gained a Lego head and almost a dinosaur. Luckily we found the dino but the Lego head not so lucky. The boys found it hilarious but then realize not so hilarious when we can't find them and leave with out them .I mean I only said about 30x not to bury your home toys in the sand. Some of you might be wondering but why did they bring toys from home. Well boys will be boys and they tend to carry with them their favorite toy with them. As long as we are together making memories that is all that matters to me and boy have we been making a ton of them.

What have you all been up to this summer?