Cheap & Free Summer Activities!

Schools officially out for my son! As of  this week I will start hearing the I'm "BORED" song. Lord help me get through this Summer is probably what most Parents are saying. My son actually will not be that bored though, he's actually going to be doing a summer reading program in school for a month and that's only a half day session. I did want to share on some of the fun things we do with the kids that are either FREE or BUDGET FRIENDLY!

Free Bowling

I recently signed up my boys for Free bowling. They will each enjoy 2 free games of bowling per day until the end of August. It was super easy to sign them up online. Just head over to and type in the state you live in. It will then show you the participating bowling alley near you. Simple as that. 

Spray Parks 

Spray Parks have been the best thing ever made for hot summer days. Especially when you don't have  access to a pool. Not only are they fun for the kids but they are FREE! I have seen a few that are not free but I assure you pretty much all of them are FREE! To find the nearest one to you just search splash pads in your area. If you are in the NJ area then check out some of our favorites. 

Movies in the Park

Last summer this was one of our favorite things to do with the kids. Watching a movie under the stars was so much fun. The kids would bring their flash lights and I would pack snacks and a blanket. The links below will show you the list of movies, dates & time for the mention areas. 

I've only listed a few on here but definitely go to your town or surrounding towns websites to see if there is a Movie in the Park near you. You can find it either under events or recreational activities. 

Miniature Golf 

Miniature Golf can be a fun and inexpensive activity to do during the summer break. Check out some of my picks. These are all $7 and under. Most towns offer these fun activities so definitely check out your town recreation websites.

Carteret Miniture Golf
Woodbridge Community Center Skyline Mini Golf
Colonial Park Mini Golf

Movie Theater

My kids have been obsess lately with going to the movies and as you know it can be very expensive. So what I have been doing for the past year is going to the early showing. We normally go on either a Saturday or Sunday but now that school is out we can definitely shoot for a day during the week as well. Check out your local movie theater for show times. I usually pay $5-6 each and the price is the same for kids and adults. This is a good option when its either too hot or raining. I also save my cost on bringing my kids their own juice, snack, and small bag of popcorn. I know your not suppose to but when this mom is on a budget I will do what I have to. No judgement please. Lol Just remember to clean up after your kids and your self. Also if you are a stub member there are lots of perks like free popcorn and matinee fee all day Tuesdays.

Hope this helps you out if your stuck on what to do this summer. What are some of the things you like to do during the summer that is budget friendly?


  1. I love finding free activities for the kids over the summer months. It tends to get quite expensive entertaining them otherwise!

    Louise x

    1. Louise yes I agree. Activities during the summer can add up. There are so many inexpensive things to do especially within your community. You just have to do a little research. Hope your enjoying your Summer!

  2. Just great ideas for activities for the kids... Very nice!!! I know both my children love Mini Golf so that is what are hitting this summer. Of course always looking to save some coins ... thanks for join us at #alittlebitofeverything