Some Saturday Online Shopping

Who agrees that Saturday is for Shopping? Well as I was having my morning coffee while my kids destroy my house I was checking out some of the deals that I was coming across online and figure I would do a quick post. Being that I like to stay on budget and especially when shopping I figure why not share it with all the Momma's out there that also like a good deal.
I feel that especially with kids shoes that they can be super over price when in reality they probably wont even stay clean or last more then a few weeks. I just don't understand what it is that kids do to there shoes. Can anyone else relate?
I like to dress my kids in comfortable yet trendy shoes but like to not spend to much on them. Kids destroy there shoes and grow out of them so quickly. So here are a few shoes that are in my shopping carts in 3 of my favorite stores to shop for my kids. 

|Crazy 8|
Crazy 8 is having this weekend 50% off the entire site online. 
Both my kids have similar ones to these Buckle Sandals and they are our favorite. My kids hate anything between their toes and so flip flop are not an option. Not only are these comfortable and stylish but this are under $10.00 on the site. They also have then in the brown color as well. 

These Palm Slip-Ons are in my shopping cart this morning. How adorable are these. Perfect for vacation or just or out to dinner with the family. Dressy and stylish enough for your little yet comfortable. Again these are under $10. 

H&M is always one of my go to stores for my boys. They do have some affordable styles and some can be a little pricey. I will say that they do have sales online more often then in the store. 

These cute stylish Textured -Weave shoes are just $12.99. I mean who can pass that up. Definitely on trend and budget friendly. Great for the summer.
These Cotton Canvas Sneakers are another favorite of mine and again these are just $12.99. What I love is that H&M usually has the same shoe for toddlers and older children. So I usually like to buy my boys who are 2 & 7 matching sneakers or the same style different color. 

It's no surprise here that OldNavy is one of our favorite stores to shop at. I love the quality and the sales of there items. 

This Canvas Lace-Ups are super fun for this summer as well. We are loving Sharks this summer so this are perfect for my 7 year old. These are $20 and they also have tons of other color and styles under $20. 

The print on these Printed-Graphic Canvas scream Cali to me. Stylish and trendy for sure. Just under 
$20 for your big boy. 

Matching Sharks for your little and super cute Giraffe (on SALE for $12) are both under $20. 

What are some of you Favorite stores to shop for your Kids? Please share especially if you have boys. Its so hard to find some fun, stylish and on trend pieces for boys on a budget. So if you have any tips for me please share them in the comments or on my Instagram pic. 
Happy Shopping!!!!!

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