How we DEAL with Food Allergies

It has truly been a while since I have posted anything to do with Food Allergies which is the whole reason why I started my blog back in 2013. I will be honest it has been difficult to connect with others on this topic and I guess I just put it on the back burner. Well today I decided that I would post an update on the topic that is very much important in our house hold.

My oldest son Jay who is now 7 was diagnosed at the age of 3 that he had MULTIPLE food allergies. We always knew that there was a possibility that he would have a peanut allergy because when he was an infant he had Eczema but come to find out he was allergic to more then just peanuts. It was scary for us and knowing that we would not be there when he is in school to keep him safe.The first year that he was in preschool was hard for me and an adjustment when keeping him safe from foods that may harm him. I made sure that everyone was on the same page with me on keeping him as safe as possible. I have to say in the last few years I am super happy with the results and what has been working for our family. I am going to share my tips on how we keep our son safe.

  • We always TALKED about the FOODS that can HARM our child with him. We made sure that we taught him to always ask before taking any food from anyone. It became so repetitive that he would even ask me and that was GREAT because I too needed to get use to making sure I paid attention to what I was giving him.
  • READ LABELS! It took me some time to get use to reading all the labels and the ingredients but once you do it consistently it will just become natural for you to always do it when food shopping.
  • Always pack SNACKS that your ALLERGY CHILD can have. I always pack snacks for him so that it just makes it so much easier when we are out and about to give him something that he likes and that is safe for him. My son also takes his own lunch to school to make it easier for him and piece of mind for me. Don't forget to STRESS NO SHARING!!!
  • INFORM YOUR FAMILY! It will take some time to get use to it but it is IMPORTANT to teach them how SERIOUS it is and how you want to keep your child safe from having a REACTION especially during family gatherings. 
  • When eating out in public always ask how the food is prepare and let them know your son has FOOD ALLERGIES. You will be surprise how accommodating they will be to your child.
  • RESEARCH is very important. I did tons of research and learn so much so that I could be his biggest Advocate in keeping him SAFE.
  • KNOW your RIGHTS! With all the research I found that FOOD ALLERGY kids can obtain a 504 PLAN in school. This is a legal documentation that needs to be followed in school in order to keep him safe. Trust me it is worth it. The will tell you that you don't need it but I recommend that you do it. It takes seconds for an Anaphylaxis to happen and depending where the nurse's office is, I as a parent rather have my son have his Epi Pen where ever he is. So yes do your research and know your rights. Every teacher that comes in contact with my son needs to know how to give an Epi Pen. When having this Plan it just keeps everyone on there toes and how to handle the situation god forbid anything was to happen. 
  • MEDICAL BRACELETS are great for kids to wear to help remind them and adults that come in contact with them. We have gone through so many. 
  • WASH your hands constantly and if you eat something that your child can not have do not forget to wash your mouth because a SIMPLE kiss from you to your child can HARM them depending on the severity of the ALLERGY

Just remember that your not alone and that you can keep your child safe. Conversation is KEY!
Does anyone in your family have FOOD ALLERGIES? What are some of your tips on keeping them SAFE? 

For more information please visit FARE website and Kids with Food Allergies website. I learned a lot from them and our family has participated in many of the Food Allergy Walks.  

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