ECOS Event in NJ

A few weeks ago I attended the ECOS Luncheon Event here in NJ with my fellow blogger friend Iveth. ECOS is the Earth Friendly Products brand and they were celebrating there 50th Anniversay. The founder of the company was Van Vlahakis who migrated to the US from Greece with just $22 and a dream.He was an ecology-minded entreprenuer who manufactured safe cleaning products. He left behind his business to his daughter Kelly Vlahakis Hanks who I had the pleasure in meeting. The event was to celebrate 50 years along with paying tribute to Mr. Vlahakis and to also acknowledge the amazing work that his daughter has been doing in running the family business.
What I learned from this beautiful event was how much love there is for all the employees of the company and the products that they are making. They are truly such a tight family.

The lovely  Kelly Vlahakis Hanks

After the beautiful luncheon we were taken on a tour of the facility. We were shown how they test and make the products. I was so amazed on how everything was made, tested, and packaged to get ready for shipping. I honestly didn't think that parsley coconuts, potatoes, lavender, vinegar and orange oil could actually be used for cleaning. I mean I knew vinegar was used in cleaning but everything else was news to me. Which made my experience that much more amazing because I actually learned a few new things. Not only are these products safe for you and your family but they are also safe for your pets. They are plant base products and animal cruelty free. They are good for our environment and our homes. This event has truly made me think about the products that I been using in my home. I definitely will be testing out some of the ECOS products and making changes in what we use to keep our home clean and safe. You can find this amazing products in your local Walmart, Costco, Target & on the Ecos website. 

Have any of you tried any of the ECOS products? Which products are your favorite?


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