Cars 3 Tour in NJ

I have 2 boys that are Cars Fanatics. I cant begin to tell you how many Disney Cars we have in our home. My 7 year old has a pretty big collection and now my 2 year old is just as obsess. When I came across a picture on Instagram that had actual Cars that looked like the Disney Cars I myself freaked. So this Momma went straight to google and the closest one I found that would be in NJ was in Cherry Hill Mall, and of course it happen to be this weekend. Now Cherry Hill is about an hour drive from me and I honestly didn't even care. I knew that I would do anything to take my boys to this event. Even skipping school was an option. My mission was not to tell the kids and just surprised them and it worked perfectly. My oldest thought we were just going shopping for Mother's Day.

Once we pulled up to the parking lot where the Cars 3 Tour Event was being held they notice all the race flags and the Mack Truck with the Cars logo and pictures. Once we parked and stood online it was a bit of a wait. It wasn't too bad because the line was constantly moving to get in. The event was completely FREE!!!! Yes you read that right. FREE!!!!!

 The kids had such a blast. We took tons of pictures, they colored on a large coloring picture, played with new Cars toy sets, made their own paper Cars, changed some tires at the Pit Stop, saw a preview of the Movie in the Mini Movie Theater inside one of the TRUCKS, and best of all got to take pictures with the Celebrities Lighting McQueen, Cruz Ramirez, & Jackson Storm. The kids even were given Cars toothbrushes, tooth paste and some awesome tattoos. It truly was worth the drive. The smiles on my kids faces were priceless. The staff was super nice and the event was very well organized.

 If you live in NJ I hope you get a chance to get down to Cherry Hill Mall and if you don't definitely check if they will be in your area. You wont be disappointed.
Don't forget the new movie Cars 3 will be in theaters June 16th. 

Has anyone else been able to catch the Cars 3 Tour?

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