5 Minute Diy Boxwood Topiary

When ever I walk into Target or Home Goods I always love looking at the pretty boxwood plants they have. They just add the perfect amount of greenery to a room. Not only are they pretty but buying a faux one means I can't kill it. There are certain plants that have survived in my home and then there are ones that well didn't make it.
I just don't have the Green Thumb I guess. Now every time I go into either of these stores I say I'm going to purchase at least one for my kitchen window but then I look at the prices and tend to put it off. Faux plants can be a little pricey even at the discounted stores. So why not diy one. Now honestly I didn't think I could make one and so I did a little research and I still thought it was way to many steps for me to get the look that I actually wanted. 

I didn't want to make anything to big. Just a simple one that anyone who is not crafty can do. The only two items that were purchased was the 4 3/4" Green Boxwood Sphere that I picked up from Hobby Lobby and the Spanish Moss from the Dollar Tree. Floral's were not on sale this week at Hobby Lobby so I used a 40% off coupon. All of my other items for the project I had on hand already.

What you Need:

4 3/4" Green Boxwood Sphere 
Metal Canister or Any Type of Canister / Flower Pot (Ikea)
Spanish Moss 
twine or burlap (optional)

This is as simple as it gets. I already had the Styrofoam in my canister but you need to cut one to fit inside yours and you do not need to push it all the way down. You then use the Spanish Moss as a filler. I found that cutting it was less messier. Once I have my filler in I then placed my Boxwood Sphere on top. Now I didn't hot glue it down but you can put hot glue around the rim of the canister and lay the sphere in. I totally skipped that just in case I want to change up this diy later. The very last thing you can do is tie a string or what ever piece of decor you want around the canister. Find a place in your home and enjoy this super easy 5 min diy!  

Hope you enjoy this simple 5 minute diy project. Please share if you have done any easy diy projects this Spring!



  1. I love it... It looks so simple and beautiful... I think I give this a try. Thanks you for join us at #alittlebitofeverything

    1. Thanks so much Chica! Yes its supper easy. If you make one make sure you tag me in the pic. xoxo