Some Saturday Online Shopping

Who agrees that Saturday is for Shopping? Well as I was having my morning coffee while my kids destroy my house I was checking out some of the deals that I was coming across online and figure I would do a quick post. Being that I like to stay on budget and especially when shopping I figure why not share it with all the Momma's out there that also like a good deal.

How we DEAL with Food Allergies

It has truly been a while since I have posted anything to do with Food Allergies which is the whole reason why I started my blog back in 2013. I will be honest it has been difficult to connect with others on this topic and I guess I just put it on the back burner. Well today I decided that I would post an update on the topic that is very much important in our house hold.

Friday Fave

It's been a while since I have shared any of my favorites so I wanted to start sharing some of my new favorites. I have been wanting to purchase a Clarisonic for so long and I just still can not justify to spend $130 and up for one. I heard so many great things about it but I just cant do it. Not yet anyway. I have seen tons of other brands and still think there are pricey for just a dupe. I mean if I'm going to spend money I would rather just buy the Clarisonic right?!?

5 Minute Diy Boxwood Topiary

When ever I walk into Target or Home Goods I always love looking at the pretty boxwood plants they have. They just add the perfect amount of greenery to a room. Not only are they pretty but buying a faux one means I can't kill it. There are certain plants that have survived in my home and then there are ones that well didn't make it.

Cars 3 Tour in NJ

I have 2 boys that are Cars Fanatics. I cant begin to tell you how many Disney Cars we have in our home. My 7 year old has a pretty big collection and now my 2 year old is just as obsess. When I came across a picture on Instagram that had actual Cars that looked like the Disney Cars I myself freaked. So this Momma went straight to google and the closest one I found that would be in NJ was in Cherry Hill Mall, and of course it happen to be this weekend. Now Cherry Hill is about an hour drive from me and I honestly didn't even care. I knew that I would do anything to take my boys to this event. Even skipping school was an option. My mission was not to tell the kids and just surprised them and it worked perfectly. My oldest thought we were just going shopping for Mother's Day.

Lip Sense Yay or Nay?

What is the Lip Sense Craze all about? Well I will totally be honest with you I was not about trying out this liquid lipstick. I have seen a few of my friends talking about it on their Facebook pages and I had no interest what so ever. First off I thought the price was a little to pricey for me  and who would want a lip product that can not come off?

ECOS Event in NJ

A few weeks ago I attended the ECOS Luncheon Event here in NJ with my fellow blogger friend Iveth. ECOS is the Earth Friendly Products brand and they were celebrating there 50th Anniversay. The founder of the company was Van Vlahakis who migrated to the US from Greece with just $22 and a dream.He was an ecology-minded entreprenuer who manufactured safe cleaning products. He left behind his business to his daughter Kelly Vlahakis Hanks who I had the pleasure in meeting. The event was to celebrate 50 years along with paying tribute to Mr. Vlahakis and to also acknowledge the amazing work that his daughter has been doing in running the family business.