Easter Egg Fun

Ever since my oldest was diagnose with multiple Food Allergies I have been extra careful and aware to read all the food labels. Although he had a mild allergy to eggs I just didn't like taking a chance in him having a break out. He was 3 when we found out and he barely talked so we were just extra careful. Anyway that year I came across these awesome egg free decorating eggs and year after year for Easter I have been purchasing them.
Not only are they inexpensive but who really likes to boil eggs that your only going to throw out the next day. I think its such a waste to use the real ones especially if they are not going to be eaten. Plus these don't break or crack if your child drops them. lol
I usually purchase mine from Walmart but I'm sure you can find them pretty much anywhere. This year I decided to also buy 2 jumbo eggs so they can also paint. I found some great paint sets with awesome pigmented colors from the Dollar Tree. My kids loved a creating their very own eggs and I have to say they were pretty quiet and occupied for about an hour. Now for the smaller eggs we used the dye packets for some, and then used a Volcano Dye Kit that I also picked up from Walmart. I have to say we really enjoyed the volcano Kit. After adding the color on the eggs we put them on the volcano stand and dropped a few drops of vinegar and it fizzled as if the Volcano erupted. My boys thought it was pretty cool and the eggs turned out really cool looking after they had dried. When ever I sit and do crafts or play games with them my son tells me how much he enjoys these moments. That just fills my heart with so much happiness. Check out how our eggs turned out. 

 Hope everyone has an awesome Easter this coming weekend!


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