DIY Bunny Crayons

A super easy and fun craft to do with your kids is making some fun shaped crayons. I recently was looking for some party inspiration for Ayden's 3rd birthday and I came across some crayons in fun shapes and colors. So I decided to try to do a trial test with some bunny ones for Easter.
I purchased a silicon oven mold for $4.00 from Walmart that were shaped in a bunny. I found it in the baking section but you can also just also find a ton on Amazon. I then peeled off the paper off the crayons and and broke them into pieces. In each mold I used about 2 1/2 crayons. We made solid crayons and then mixed some colors for marble effect crayons. After filling our mold I put them in the oven for 280 degrees. Now keep in mind everyone's oven is different so you may have to adjust it a few times. It took about 10-12 minutes to melt completely. Make sure you continue to check on it so you do not burn the wax. Once you see that it has melted all the way through then carefully remove it from the oven. I waited about 2 mins to cool off a bit and then placed it in the freezer for about 6 mins to completely cool off. I then took it out the freezer and then let it set about a min. The tricky part was to remove the bunny crayons with out breaking the ears. What I did was pull the silicon mold to unstuck the mold and crayons and then pop them right out. It was super easy and the crayons were ready to use. They really make cute party favors and just something fun to do with kids. 

| What You Need |

*Silicon Oven Mold
*Crayons (Crayola works BEST)
*Oven Mitts
*Oven / Freezer 
*Be Creative

Hope you enjoy this simple craft and Happy Easter to you all!!



  1. these are so cute girl! I love this idea and def need to make them for next year! Do you allow guest bloggers on your blog? I'm looking for some NJ bloggers to let me share a guest post :) I can pay too or I'd love to have you guest post something on mine as well! Let me know!

    1. Hi Cait sorry it has taken me so long to respond. Thank you so much it is super easy and you can do it for any holiday.