The Moms & Mederma Luncheon

Two weeks ago I was asked to attend The Mederma Moms Luncheon at The Kimberly Hotel in NY as a guest of a fellow blogger named Iveth from Fortheloveto.  We have never met before but we have been talking over on social media for months. I have never been to an event before and was super excited. I accepted the invitation to come along as her guest and I'm so happy that I attended the event with her. Not only did I get to meet Iveth in person but I also met a bunch of other bloggers, The Moms, and Jennifer Biels (from Flash Dance, Taken tv Seris and the new movie Before I Fall).

I also had the pleasure in meeting the Rep for Mederma that kindly bought some great new products for all of us to take home and try out. The Rep Naomi was so informative on how the products worked and shared with me her own personal experience with them. Mederma is known for there line of Scar Creams which are super amazing. They now have a skin care line which I am super excited to try out. Stay tune for a post on my thoughts of these new products.

After chatting for some time with all the amazing women at the event it was time for some lunch. Everything was so yummy. I mean really the food was so good that I probably would have had a second plate if I could. Lol The view was amazing and the decor of the rooftop restaurant was just so beautiful and simple.

Then it was time for some Mom Chat with The Moms and Jennifer Biels. Not only was I a little star struck but I was able to see that even Jennifer Biels is just a regular mom like so many of us. She was genuinely so sweet and down to earth. You can see how much she loves her daughter by how she lights up when talking about her. She gave us some great parenting advice and some of her favorite things to do on her date nights! (wink wink)

What I took from this whole experience is that there are so many amazing moms who do what they love and enjoy sharing it with everyone else. I am so grateful for the opportunity and hope that I am able to experience more in the future. I'm also happy to say I have gained a new friend who is just to sweet. Thanks again Iveth. Please check her blog out and show her some love. She has a family style blog called Fortheloveto.

Thanks Again to The Moms, Mederma & Iveth!


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  1. Have you personally tried Mederma? Does it work well?