Cleaning Tips!

Happy Thursday! I wanted to share with you on how I keep my house looking clean with out having to spend one whole day out of the week cleaning. I use to designate my cleaning for Saturday mornings which will really take me all morning and afternoon if I count having to MOM in between my actual cleaning routine. So after watching a power cleaning routine on You Tube I then changed my whole routine to make my life so much easier. I decided to use my Happy Planner to help me keep track of what days I wanted to clean what. I learned that if I break down my cleaning routine during the week that I actually wouldn't have to spend my whole Saturday cleaning.
Seriously why haven't I been doing this a lot sooner. 

Now I know there are some of you that are Working Moms, Stay at Home Moms, & The Work from Home Moms but I promise you there is time to get it done and if you get into the habit of doing this routine your life will be so much simpler and less stressed. Don't get me wrong there is always gonna be laundry and there will be days that you will decide not to do something. We all go through it. But if you stick to the plan you will always have a clean to semi clean house and you will be so much happier. 

I use my Happy Planner which has the weekly planner such as the example I have below.
I write what I want to clean each day and I do it either in the morning or before bed. Once you have done that task you then cross it off and feel accomplished. I have to make a list in order to get it done. I can always fall into a rut and then the cleaning feels like never ending. Trust me when I say doing it little by little during the week makes a big difference. If you have any cleaning tips of your own please share in the comments below. Check out my Example List below so you can get an idea on how to make a weekly cleaning routine that can fit to your needs in how you clean your home. 
Happy Cleaning!!

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