A Day with Dinosaurs!

Who said dinosaurs were extinct! Last month we took the boys to the Jurassic Quest Dinosaur exhibit in PA. Although the drive was a little long and the lines were crazy it was very much worth it. The boys had no clue where we were taking them. It was a last minute decision and because the weather was incredibly beautiful for the month of February here on the East Coast we decided why not take the ride. When the boys saw the sign for the dinosaur exhibit they were super excited.

Honestly I knew Jay our oldest would not be sacred but we were not sure about our 2 year old Ayden. Has been obsess with dinosaurs for sometime and loves anything dinosaur. Although he seemed super excited I knew once he realized the size of the dinosaurs and the loud roaring that he may be frighten. Sure enough I told my husband to get close to the T-Rex for a picture and he freaked when the dinosaur's head came down with his mouth open. I couldn't help it but laugh but my poor baby was not happy. After reassuring him that he was safe and that the dinosaurs were not going to hurt him he then was OK to continue with our dinosaur adventure. 

I have to say it was pretty cool on the details and there size. They had moving eyes, moving tongues, heads and arms. I was very impress by the exhibit I'd have to say. They had so many different activities for the kids to do. They had ride on dinosaurs, fossil digging, arts & crafts, bounce houses and ride on safari jeeps. It really was a nice time and the weather was a plus. I mean it was literally 69 degrees in February and the all the activities were out doors which made it great for the kids after being stuck in doors for winter.  

If you have kids that love dinosaurs I would definitely check out to see when Jurassic Quest will be in your area. If you live in the Tri State area the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia is has a Jurassic World exhibit as well and I hear its pretty good. Perfect to take the kids during spring break. The exhibit is open till April 23 and groupon has tickets for this exhibit at the moment and the price is a steal so I would definitely check it out. Now if you miss that exhibit don't worry because New Jersey has a Dinosaur Field Station that is only open seasonal and will reopen in May. Groupon also has a discount as well for this exhibit.  Hope you can make at least one of these with you littles. Tag me on Instagram so I can see all your dinosaur fun!



  1. That looks so cool. I know they enjoyed it.

  2. This looks great. My five year old dinosaur has been going through a dinosaur phase. If we make it to Jersey this summer I'm going to look into that #alittlebitofeverything