A weekend with sick Kiddies!

This past weekend has been the weekend that every parent dreads. It all started on Thursday night when my 7 year old was complaining of not feeling well. I naturally told him to lay down after dinner and to just relax. Well after laying down for an hour I noticed that his cheeks were so rosy. I went to check his temperature and there it was 101.6. Just like that BAM our house was about to be attacked by the virus that is being called the Norovirus. My son spent the whole day on Friday in bed with a high temp. He was so weak and sleepy. He was able to keep his food, fluids and meds down, But that stubborn fever would not break. Saturday was a new day of misery. Now my 2 year old has been infected with this virus but he had the vomitting along with the high fever. I literally wanted to crawl in a hoe and hide until these kids were back to normal. So between the fevers and projectile vomiting I naturally was disinfecting and washing everything and anything to clear my house of these germs. Both of the boys had high fevers on and off for 3 days. Now we're down to just coughing and runny nose type of day. I don't wish this on anyone let alone on kids. Today is Monday and although I didn't send my oldest to school I am now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. They are playing more with there things and even back to fighting like siblings. Hopefully they will be back to 100% and then we can get back to living life. I feel like I need a week of sleep. Happy Monday!!!    



What I like to use when the kids are sick:
-Lysol is a must in our home
-Disinfecting Wipes is another must in our home
-A box of Kleenex 
-And a container of some sort with a trash bag in to use for vomiting. Easy clean up especially if in bed. 

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