A Holiday Show at the State Theater

Happy Holidays to you all. I can't believe that Christmas was just two days ago and the New Year is almost here. If you remember I had a giveaway a few weeks ago here on the blog.

Our DIY Family Photos

For the past few years I have been doing my own family pictures for our holiday cards. Don't get me wrong I would love to have professional pictures taken of my family but lets face it something always happens. Either I can't afford to pay hundreds of dollars,

American Museum of Natural History

A few Saturday's ago we spent the afternoon at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. It was our first time at this Museum so we didn't realize how big it really was. My oldest son was so excited to spend the day there as he is a big fan of the movies "The Night at the Museum" which was based on this particular one.

The Chocolate Expo

I was invited to the Chocolate Expo here in Edison, NJ last month. I have never been to a Chocolate Expo before so honestly I didn't know what to expect. Let me tell you it was such a good time. I took one of  my girl friends with me and we really enjoyed ourselves.

Holiday Activities in NJ

The Holiday Season is my absolute favorite time of year. From all the festive decor to all the holiday activities and all the yummy treats. It really is the best time!

Top 5 Places to have Breakfast with Santa this Holiday Season in NJ!

Tis the Season! Finally the Holidays are upon us and I just cant wait. I have so many fun things planned for the next few weeks and I cant wait to share them with you all. As much as I love the Holidays I have never been able to actually take my boys to a Breakfast with Santa.

No School means a Trip to Sahara Sams Oasis

Last week most of the schools here in NJ were closed for Fall Recess. So when we were invited to visit Sahara Sams Oasis in Berlin, NJ it was a no brainier. Of course that would mean that the day we go visit it would be one of the coldest days in November. If your not from NJ then your probably wondering what is Sahara Sams. Well its an indoor

Play Fair NY

This weekend we attended the Play Fair at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in NY. It was our first time attending the event and boy was it so much fun.  If you don't know what Play Fair is then let me break it down for you. It is one of the largest Toy Events.

Free Halloween Activities

Wondering what else can you do with the kids besides the traditional Fall activities at the Farm. Well have no FEAR because I will be sharing some of our go to indoor activities that are completely FREE!
Yup FREE my favorite word!!!

Spiders & Bats "OH MY!"

Recently I posted on Instagram a picture of our Halloween crafts we did on a rainy day and I thought to my self why didn't I just do a post on it. Well here I am. Better late then never right. It truly is such a simple craft that anyone can do and it will keep

Free Lego Events

I wanted to share one of our favorite things to do that does not cost a penny. That's right Momma's it is completely FREE! Anything to keep the kids busywith out breaking the bank. We like to attend the Free Events


Last weekend we went to Diggerland in West Berlin, NJ. It was about an hour and 15 min drive from where we live so the drive was not bad at all. Of course the day we go the weather decides it wants to be the HOTTEST day in September. I thought by now that the weather would have cooled down making this a Fun Fall activity for the boys but nope it totally felt like a hot summer day.

Boys Sweatshirts for Under $10

As much as I was excited for the Fall chilly air it seems that Mother Nature is not done with summer yet. Its chilly in the morning and then its up in the 80's during the afternoon. So we are stuck in the not quite sure what the weather is going to be stage.(Lol)

I have never really been a fan of sweatshirts until this past year. And so because I have been obsess with the comfort causal look of a cute sweatshirt for myself clearly I wanted to find some cute ones for my boys as well.

|Birthday Weekend Getaway|

Last weekend we celebrated our oldest son's 8th Birthday. Every year we usually go all out in throwing him a party. When I became a mom I knew that every year I wanted to throw some awesome birthday parties that my kids will remember. Growing up I can only remember 2 birthdays. So it has always been important to me to take as many pictures and have these parties so that they can always remember that I did my best in giving them all I could.

Back to School with Food Allergies

Keeping up with the Back-to-School series I wanted to share with you what else we have to do to get ready besides the school supplies and clothes. If your a mom like me your probably trying to get all the doctor appointments in before the school year starts. And for us that  means making sure our first doctor we see is our Allergist. If you do not know

Back to School Picks for Boys!

                   Although my Back to School shopping has been done for some time now I couldn't resist on picking up a few items up for the boys yesterday. Now my oldest does wear uniforms to school which seriously makes it so much better in the mornings. He dose not attend  private school, it just happens that the public schools in our town require the kids to wear uniform pants or skirts with a polo that has the school logo.

Sunday Funday at Dorney Park

This past Sunday we were lucky enough to be invited to spend the day at Dorney Park & Wild Water Kingdom in Allentown, PA.  The park is about an hour and a half from where we live. The drive was rather smooth and no traffic what so ever. Now if you have never been to Dorney Park and your not so far from it you really should consider in going. You get two parks for the price of one. You can enjoy the water park in the morning and then head on over to the dry park. They don't just offer rides at the amusement park.

Tips for Back-to-School Shopping!

If you haven't started your Back-to-School shopping yet then you need to get to it. I have been shopping since July. Crazy yes I know this but when your a mom on a budget and living on a fix income then you need to prepare early. Because as we all know time passes

Liberty Science Center Fun

This past weekend went by so fast but we definitely had a lot of fun. We were invited to go spend the day at the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, NJ. It was a perfect day to visit. The boys were so excited and couldn't wait to get inside and explore. They have so many different exhibits going on and I love that they have a little bit of something for different ages.

UnCommon Goods: Shopping Gift Guide

Have you ever had to shop for a special occasion such as a Bridal Shower, Anniversary, or even a Baby Shower and feel as you just want to buy something that is out of the ordinary. Something that is just different and not something that everyone has the same of. Well I am going to share with you some of my favorite choices for these special occasion milestone parties as I like to say.

Life's A Beach!

This summer has been a busy one. I promised my self that I would keep super busy this summer and made sure that I did as much as I could with the kids during the week but to also have lots of family time on the weekend. We have been doing just that. While the hubby is at work during the week the kids and I have been doing so much that its finally catching up to me. I'm officially over exhausted and we still have another month of summer vacation to go!

Cheap & Free Summer Activities!

Schools officially out for my son! As of  this week I will start hearing the I'm "BORED" song. Lord help me get through this Summer is probably what most Parents are saying. My son actually will not be that bored though, he's actually going to be doing a summer reading program in school for a month and that's only a half day session. I did want to share on some of the fun things we do with the kids that are either FREE or BUDGET FRIENDLY!

A Dino-Mite Birthday!

 On June 10th we celebrated our Ayden's 3rd Birthday. Where does the time go guys? I was full of emotions because he is just getting so big to quickly. He is such a smart, spunky, sweet & such an energetic little boy. He has been obsess with dinosaurs lately so I knew for his birthday I definitely wanted to do a dinosaur theme. Every year I say that I want to keep things simple and always end up going over board. I have to say that this year I actually kept everything super simple and I was so proud of myself.

Some Saturday Online Shopping

Who agrees that Saturday is for Shopping? Well as I was having my morning coffee while my kids destroy my house I was checking out some of the deals that I was coming across online and figure I would do a quick post. Being that I like to stay on budget and especially when shopping I figure why not share it with all the Momma's out there that also like a good deal.

How we DEAL with Food Allergies

It has truly been a while since I have posted anything to do with Food Allergies which is the whole reason why I started my blog back in 2013. I will be honest it has been difficult to connect with others on this topic and I guess I just put it on the back burner. Well today I decided that I would post an update on the topic that is very much important in our house hold.

Friday Fave

It's been a while since I have shared any of my favorites so I wanted to start sharing some of my new favorites. I have been wanting to purchase a Clarisonic for so long and I just still can not justify to spend $130 and up for one. I heard so many great things about it but I just cant do it. Not yet anyway. I have seen tons of other brands and still think there are pricey for just a dupe. I mean if I'm going to spend money I would rather just buy the Clarisonic right?!?

5 Minute Diy Boxwood Topiary

When ever I walk into Target or Home Goods I always love looking at the pretty boxwood plants they have. They just add the perfect amount of greenery to a room. Not only are they pretty but buying a faux one means I can't kill it. There are certain plants that have survived in my home and then there are ones that well didn't make it.

Cars 3 Tour in NJ

I have 2 boys that are Cars Fanatics. I cant begin to tell you how many Disney Cars we have in our home. My 7 year old has a pretty big collection and now my 2 year old is just as obsess. When I came across a picture on Instagram that had actual Cars that looked like the Disney Cars I myself freaked. So this Momma went straight to google and the closest one I found that would be in NJ was in Cherry Hill Mall, and of course it happen to be this weekend. Now Cherry Hill is about an hour drive from me and I honestly didn't even care. I knew that I would do anything to take my boys to this event. Even skipping school was an option. My mission was not to tell the kids and just surprised them and it worked perfectly. My oldest thought we were just going shopping for Mother's Day.

Lip Sense Yay or Nay?

What is the Lip Sense Craze all about? Well I will totally be honest with you I was not about trying out this liquid lipstick. I have seen a few of my friends talking about it on their Facebook pages and I had no interest what so ever. First off I thought the price was a little to pricey for me  and who would want a lip product that can not come off?

ECOS Event in NJ

A few weeks ago I attended the ECOS Luncheon Event here in NJ with my fellow blogger friend Iveth. ECOS is the Earth Friendly Products brand and they were celebrating there 50th Anniversay. The founder of the company was Van Vlahakis who migrated to the US from Greece with just $22 and a dream.He was an ecology-minded entreprenuer who manufactured safe cleaning products. He left behind his business to his daughter Kelly Vlahakis Hanks who I had the pleasure in meeting. The event was to celebrate 50 years along with paying tribute to Mr. Vlahakis and to also acknowledge the amazing work that his daughter has been doing in running the family business.

DIY Bunny Crayons

A super easy and fun craft to do with your kids is making some fun shaped crayons. I recently was looking for some party inspiration for Ayden's 3rd birthday and I came across some crayons in fun shapes and colors. So I decided to try to do a trial test with some bunny ones for Easter.

Easter Egg Fun

Ever since my oldest was diagnose with multiple Food Allergies I have been extra careful and aware to read all the food labels. Although he had a mild allergy to eggs I just didn't like taking a chance in him having a break out. He was 3 when we found out and he barely talked so we were just extra careful. Anyway that year I came across these awesome egg free decorating eggs and year after year for Easter I have been purchasing them.

Dollar Tree Easter Wreath!

Dollar Tree is definitely one of my go to places when I want to do a diy project on a super cheap budget. I decided to make an Easter Wreath but wanted to see if I can stay under $5 dollars and I did.  My wreath was super simple to make. You don't have to be a crafty person to make one. I mean you can get really creative and spend more money on other materials but I opted to keep it simple. 
I spent $4 dollars in total.

Cleaning Tips!

Happy Thursday! I wanted to share with you on how I keep my house looking clean with out having to spend one whole day out of the week cleaning. I use to designate my cleaning for Saturday mornings which will really take me all morning and afternoon if I count having to MOM in between my actual cleaning routine. So after watching a power cleaning routine on You Tube I then changed my whole routine to make my life so much easier. I decided to use my Happy Planner to help me keep track of what days I wanted to clean what. I learned that if I break down my cleaning routine during the week that I actually wouldn't have to spend my whole Saturday cleaning.

Mederma Skin Care Routine!

For the past few weeks I been Testing out some of the Mederma Skin Care that I received at The Moms & Mederma Luncheon. I didn't even know that they had a whole skin care line out until I went to the event and had a chance to speak with one of the reps who gave me so much insight on the line and her own personal experience. I knew right then that I definitely wanted to try the products out because I had been having a tough time with my skin lately.

A Day with Dinosaurs!

Who said dinosaurs were extinct! Last month we took the boys to the Jurassic Quest Dinosaur exhibit in PA. Although the drive was a little long and the lines were crazy it was very much worth it. The boys had no clue where we were taking them. It was a last minute decision and because the weather was incredibly beautiful for the month of February here on the East Coast we decided why not take the ride. When the boys saw the sign for the dinosaur exhibit they were super excited.

The Moms & Mederma Luncheon

Two weeks ago I was asked to attend The Mederma Moms Luncheon at The Kimberly Hotel in NY as a guest of a fellow blogger named Iveth from Fortheloveto.  We have never met before but we have been talking over on social media for months. I have never been to an event before and was super excited. I accepted the invitation to come along as her guest and I'm so happy that I attended the event with her. Not only did I get to meet Iveth in person but I also met a bunch of other bloggers, The Moms, and Jennifer Biels (from Flash Dance, Taken tv Seris and the new movie Before I Fall).

I also had the pleasure in meeting the Rep for Mederma that kindly bought some great new products for all of us to take home and try out. The Rep Naomi was so informative on how the products worked and shared with me her own personal experience with them. Mederma is known for there line of Scar Creams which are super amazing. They now have a skin care line which I am super excited to try out. Stay tune for a post on my thoughts of these new products.

A weekend with sick Kiddies!

This past weekend has been the weekend that every parent dreads. It all started on Thursday night when my 7 year old was complaining of not feeling well. I naturally told him to lay down after dinner and to just relax. Well after laying down for an hour I noticed that his cheeks were so rosy. I went to check his temperature and there it was 101.6. Just like that BAM our house was about to be attacked by the virus that is being called the Norovirus. My son spent the whole day on Friday in bed with a high temp. He was so weak and sleepy. He was able to keep his food, fluids and meds down, But that stubborn fever would not break. Saturday was a new day of misery. Now my 2 year old has been infected with this virus but he had the vomitting along with the high fever. I literally wanted to crawl in a hoe and hide until these kids were back to normal. So between the fevers and projectile vomiting I naturally was disinfecting and washing everything and anything to clear my house of these germs. Both of the boys had high fevers on and off for 3 days. Now we're down to just coughing and runny nose type of day. I don't wish this on anyone let alone on kids. Today is Monday and although I didn't send my oldest to school I am now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. They are playing more with there things and even back to fighting like siblings. Hopefully they will be back to 100% and then we can get back to living life. I feel like I need a week of sleep. Happy Monday!!!    



What I like to use when the kids are sick:
-Lysol is a must in our home
-Disinfecting Wipes is another must in our home
-A box of Kleenex 
-And a container of some sort with a trash bag in to use for vomiting. Easy clean up especially if in bed. 

New Year New Planner

Happy New Years Everyone!!! I cant believe we are in the year 2017. Last year went by so fast. With the New Year here I needed to run out and grab me a new planner. I did a post about a year ago on my Happy Planner being a dupe for the Erin Condren planner.