Dollar Store Jackpot

Yes you read that right. I feel like I hit the jackpot after finding some awesome containers at the Dollar Tree and at the 99 Cents Place (local store). I have been wanting to buy storage containers for months so that I can organize my cabinets and just get rid of the boxes that the snacks and pastas come in. I feel like if I am able to see through the container I can see how low things get and can replace them quicker vs not being able to see through a box and then finding out that they are almost empty. Now I have searched in many different stores for storage containers and every store varies on there prices. I did find some at Ikea and felt they were probably the cheapest out of all the ones I have seen until I came across these. I found 2 different size cereal type containers with grey lids for $1.00 at the Dollar Tree. So of course I snatched them up and felt super happy in spending $4.00 for 4 containers. I then recently found these clear ones with white lids at the 99 Cents Place (that's exactly the name) and each size was a different price. The tall one was $1.99 and the smaller ones were $1.49. I thought those were pretty good deals considering how expensive they can be especially when you need to buy more than one. I'm so happy with how they are working and how nice everything looks. It definitely has made me want to organize a lot more and so I definitely will be going back for a few more. Hope this gives you some inspiration in organizing with storage containers.


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