Playroom Revamp!

These past few months I have been sprucing up our HOME (apartment). Each room has been getting mini makeovers just to give it a little more of a homey feel. We have been house hunting for months but had to take a break. Eventually we will find our forever HOME. So in the mean time I still wanted to give our apartment a little makeover on a budget. If you haven't seen the boys room make over head over and check it out. In our apartment we have this little nook that we call the playroom. It has been changed several times in the past 3 years.
We had to move J's train table from the room to this area to make room for A when he was born. Once it was moved and A was up and moving the train table was no longer played with the same. My little monster would destroy the setup and it just became the table where all the toys ended up on. Not to mention it took up all the space in that area. I knew I wanted to get rid of the table and make that space a little more functional for the boys. I must have saved so many Pins on Pinterest in Playroom ideas. There was one picture that just stood out to me and inspired me to recreate the space best I could for our small playroom area. I have seen the picture a few times and I was able to find the creator for the room on Instagram. Her home decor is everything if your into the Farmhouse Style. Absolutely gorgeous home decor.

-Pinterest & Instagram Inspiration-

-Photos belong to @thedowntownaly from instagram.-

Once I sold the train table I went straight to IKEA to purchase this organization system which is called  Trofast. I had in mind that I was going to do the silver letters and bins but then thought it might be to much light colors on a white wall so I opted to get the bins in black and I sprayed painted my letters in black as well. The system was 35.99 each and the bins were 4.00 each. You can customize the storage unit and size of buckets to what fits your space and needs. Now lets be honest those awesome letters in the picture are way out of budget for me so the letters I did purchase were from Hobby Lobby and I waited till they were 50% off. I purchased the paper mache 16inch letters for $5.00 each. Such a steal. I sprayed painted them a matte black and love the turn out. I added a rug that is also from IKEA but we had purchased it years ago but they still have it and its only $12.99. The art work line we also had up and it was also purchased at IKEA and they still have it as well. Its amazing how different the room looks with just adding a few new and old things. my kids love the new space and so do I. I love how organized the toys are in these bins. Super easy clean up.



 Hope this gives you some inspiration in sprucing up your play area or home. I love how someone else's photo can inspire you to do something that fits your style, budget and home. I can not wait to own my own home someday so I can really style it the way I want. 


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