What's in my Mommy Bag / Purse!

Recently I had been watching videos on you tube on What's in my bag / purse.  Is it creepy to say that I enjoy watching other people empty their bags out on camera. Please tell me that I;m not the only crazy person. lol  It may just be that I am nosy and want to see what others are lugging around in their bags.  Any who so since I love these videos I decided to write a post on whats in my bag. I don't have the courage to do a video so a post will do. So lets get started as they would say in the videos. Lol
My current bag that I am using when I am with my kiddos is a Black Michael Kors hand bag.

This bag is probably one of my favorites because of the gold hardware and the amount of room it has.
My husband had purchased this bag for me about 2 years ago and i honestly didn't use it that much because it was so big. No that i no longer actually carry a diaper bag I decided that this bag would be perfect as a Mommy / Purse. I can fit all my stuff on one side and all my kids stuff on the other side. 

Diapers, Wipes, Snacks, Epi Pen Pouch, Sunscreen, Sippy Cup (not shown) & there is always a random car.

Make up Pouch, Mini Coach Wallet, Glasses, Sunglasses, A's little Aviator (Children's Place), head phones, keys, iPhone, random dollar, hair clip.

Aleve (for when my kids drive me insane), Infant Motrin, Coach Mirror.

Vaseline Lip Therapy, my current favorite Lip Sticks & Lip Liner ( can you tell I love Nude Lippies). 

Recently I had a friend ask my why do I have so many little bags in my purse and will I said that each bags has its purpose and just keeps my bag organized. I love that when I run out alone I just grab my wallet, keys, phone and sunnies and I put them in a smaller bag. It really just makes things so much easier. Now don't be fooled I did have a few random receipts but I just tossed them so they didn't make the cut in my photos. lol  What's in your bag? 

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