Ayden's PJ Mask Birthday!

This past weekend we celebrated our lil guys 2nd birthday. So when planning his party I already knew I wanted to do the PJ Mask theme. Now this theme is no where to be found in the stores and although you may find tons of things on Etsy I really just wanted to stay on a budget and not spend so much. So I went straight to Pinterest for inspiration on all things PJ Mask. I must say I did pretty good.

We had his party at The Little Gym. The staff was amazing with the kids. They had the kids jumping, dancing, and running around. I think we were all hoping they would be warned out by the time the party finished. lol  To keep in theme with the party I had noted on the invite for the kids to wear their favorite Super Hero PJs. So the party coordinator noticed and thought it was super cute.  

The kids had such an awesome time at the party and I was so impress on how all of them participated. After running around for an hour we then went into the party room for pizza and cake. I had placed super hero capes and mask on each chair and I was so happy that they immediately all put their capes and mask on while having pizza. It was SUPER cute. I have done so many parties and I have to say this was one of my favorites. 

Here are some pictures from the party!

Diy Invitation

 Diy Cupcake Picks

 Diy Goody Bags

Super Hero Pops


 Diy Center Piece

 Diy PJ Mask Shirt

Hope you enjoyed this post. 



  1. Whwre did you guys the 3 color candy bags? I need those too! I love the ideas everything came out good!

  2. Thanks for stopping by. I bought those at Walmart. Each color was sold sepeatly.