5 Kids Summer Must Haves!

School is officially out and Summer has officially started! I wanted to do a post that includes some of our favorite summer must haves. So take a look on what we been loving this summer!

  As we know the sun is very draining. I always make sure to pack my boys water bottles even if I'm just going to the store. You will find a water bottle of some sort in my bag.  Check out this fun water bottle that we came across by Contigo. I'm loving the fact that my kids water stays cold and that the bottle does not sweat. So my bag will stay nice and dry. you can find this bottle in Target or online.

These Sport Fisherman Sandals are my son Jaycob's favorite for the summer. He loves them because there just like a sneaker in the front and sandal look in the back. He feels like he can still run around, ride his bike or razor and not have to worry about his toes getting hurt or his flip flop falling off. These are the exact ones he has and you can find them at Payless starting at $19.99. They are super comfortable and affordable. Definitely a favorite play shoes.

 If  your child does not know how to swim and does not own this Puddle Jumper Float then you need to go out and get them one. Those plastic arm floats are not safe at all. These are a must have when we go to the pool.  It is comfortable and safe. You can find them just about anywhere under $20.00.

Now if you do not have a back yard or a fire pit this is definitely a must have.  I died when I saw this because its the absolute cutest thing ever and perfect for those nights that you are craving some S'mores. You can use this all year round wether your hanging out on the deck or your in your kitchen. Its the perfect size and genius.  I found this one on  Amazon for less then $40.00. It is so worth it.  

And last but not least this Fubbles Machine has been a big hit with my boys.  They go crazy running around through the bubbles and just having fun. We actually got this as a gift but they are not pricey at all. You can find one just about anywhere for under $20.00.

What are some of you summer must haves? Please share in the comments below! 


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