Diy #Momlife T-Shirt

So with Mother's Day coming up I wanted to get a #Momlife shirt but just honestly didn't get around to ordering one and they can be a little pricy at times. Don't get me wrong I love to support small businesses but I decided to just make myself one and figure I would do a post just in case anyone wanted to make one for themselves.

-Step One-

What you need is a plain Tee. I used a plain white T-Shirt from Walmart that cost $3.88.
Fabric Transfer paper and I used the brand Avery and purchased it at Walmart for $7.95. You will need an iron, scissors, your computer, and printer.

-Step Two-

I choose my font and size and saved. I then follow the instructions on how to get my image on the transfer paper and printed.

-Step Three-

I then cut out the image and placed it where I wanted it on the shirt. Make sure you follow all instructions on how to iron on your transfers. I just followed what was on the package from the transfer paper. 

-Step Four-

I let the shirt cool off and then peeled the paper off the shirt gently. Now my shirt is ready to wear. It is super easy.

 I have done a few shirts for the kids birthday parties and they have all come out so nice. I have to say that I have also washed them so many times and the image has stayed in placed and the colors have not faded. Check out all the shirts I have done using these transfers!

Fast & Furious Birthday Shirts

Very Hungry Caterpillar Birthday Shirts

Hope you enjoy this post. 



  1. This is a great ideas... I am honestly not a DIY person but I think I can do this!!!

    Visit my blog and link with us at the #alittlebitofeverything link up party to connect with other blogs..

    1. Thanks Hun! It is super easy. I will definitely check out the link up. Thanks!

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