Crayon & Marker Caddy

I recently went to Target......I know Shocker Right! That place is always calling for me. Anyway I was there to pick up some party stuff for my little guy and automatically went straight to the Dollar Spot. Not to many new things since Easter so I didn't go crazy. I did grab a wooden caddy. When I saw it I knew exactly what I wanted it for. I wanted to store my kids crayons and washable markers in it. Recently Ayden has been wanting to color in his Paw Patrol coloring book but when I grab the crayons from the closet he just empties the whole box everywhere as he should because he's only 1
. I figure putting them in a caddy will eliminate the box situation and he can just grab whatever crayons or markers from the caddy. The caddy was a light wood color so I decided to paint it black with some acrylic paint I already had and then I just added some left over colorful stickers on the front of it. I didn't have to many letters left so I had to work with what I had which was fine because I think it turned out perfect. It did't take to much effort and still looks great and dose the job. What kind of DIY projects have you guys been doing?



  1. OH! This is SO cute!! I would totally be making one this weekend except my little one has no concept of things being put back in their place and it would go to waste right now. WAH. BUTTTTT definitely saving this for future ideas!!

  2. Don't worry my little one dosent put things away either unless I say it's clean up time come help me. It dose not last too long. I don't keep them out either because although they are washable I already learned that lesson with my oldest. He created a master piece on the rug. Lol