Happy Friday!  Hope everyone is having a Fabulous Friday so far! I wanted to share some of the things I been liking, loving, and trying recently.


I have been obsessing over the Matte Liquid Lipsticks but a lot of them are just so drying. I already naturally have dry lips. I been wearing the Maybelline Vivid Liquid Lipstick in the color Nude Flush.  Although it takes some time to actually set to give you the matte look it is rather creamy and not drying. I've worn it for a few hours through out the day for a few weeks now and it definitely dose not leave me with cracked or dried lips.


So I feel like I been living under a rock because I have never tried out  Dry Shampoo until now. I do not wash my hair everyday so don't go judging me because sometimes this Momma don't have time for that. So I started using the brand Not Your Mothers Clean Freak Dry Shampoo. So far I like it. It does not leave any white residue in my hair and it does the trick. 


As much as I love my designer sunglasses I have been leaving those home and just gravitating to the affordable and chic looking sunnies. I have been rocking out this pair from Charming Charlie lately. They were 2 for $15. Seriously you just cant beat that. That store just sucks me right in when ever I go to the mall. But don't worry because if your not a mall person they also have the deal online. 


I love to snack on things at night and I have such a bad SWEET TOOTH! Well although they may not be the healthiest these are for sure my favorite snack lately CHEEZ IT'S Snack Mix. I'm not sure if its the saltiness or the chocolate M&M's but the combination is just so freaking yummy! Try them and thank me later. 


Lately my kids and I have been so obsess with the Snap Chat Filters. I know not everyone is on the Snap Chat wagon and I was so hesitant at first but we find it to be fun and entertaining. My 1yr old knows how to work the filters that's how bad the addiction is. But like any social media you have your privacy options and public options. I'm still trying to get the hang of it.

Are there any new things you been trying or any tips and advice on things I may need to try out?  Have an Awesome Friday!


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  1. girl cheese its are where its at! but we've already had this convo ;) my favorite snack EVER