Warby Parker-Spring Collection Limited Edition

With the Spring weather we will be having all this week here on the East Coast what not better time then to talk about The Windsor Spring Collection for Warby Parker. If you are not familiar with Warby Parker then you need to be. They are an online company along with various locations across the U.S. They offer optical and sun wear glasses. They will be launching their new Spring Collection-Limited Edition today for the optical glasses.  When I received the information on the new collection I was so impress with how bright and springy the colors of the frames are and how it does remind me of colors and patterns I would see at the Circus. So I definitely get where they got there inspiration from. This collection looks so light weight and I'm loving the round lens and how this style is coming back. Perfect fresh look for this season. I have 3 that I am really loving right now from this collection.

                      Ingles - Redbird                                      

                         Milton - Tiger Tortoise                                     

Milton - Aloe Green

This collection will be available March 8th online and in stores. So you will be able to purchase your new specs just in time for the Spring Season. Great accessories to any outfit if you wear glasses like I do. Now what I really love about this company is that you can select 5 pairs of glasses to be mailed and shipped to you free of charge to try on at home to help you narrow down your selection. But the best part of this company is that with every pair you purchase they will give one pair to someone in need.  That is an amazing contribution and I am all for amazing companies that are willing to give back. So go check out the site if you haven't done so yet and please let me know what you think. Let me know if you try them out and your thoughts in the comments below. 


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