Teepee Fun!

Happy Fri-Yay! Hope everyone is enjoying there day and getting ready for the weekend. We are getting ready for this Blizzard here on the East Coast. Fun stuff! Lol I wanted to share my boys latest obsession. For Christmas my parents had bought them a teepee and it has been one of the best gifts they have received. Since I've put it up it has been there go to hiding spot, reading corner, and play area. I was afraid that it would take up so much room being that we are apartment living but it has worked out great in there space.

A Dupe for the Erin Condren Planner

Happy 2016 Everyone! This year like every year I just didn't feel the need to make any resolutions because face it I just can't keep them. But I do wish to be more productive here on my blog and I'm trying to stay organized. For months I have been stalking the Erin Condren site and was tempted in every way to make the purchase but I could not bare to let myself spend that ridiculous amount on the planner and then the shipping cost was insane. So I kept using my little Walmart Planner until it was time to get a new one for the new year. I went to Target and found a few that were nice but not what I wanted for the price point they had either. They to were a little expensive for just a plain planner. So I started to check different sites and even Etsy but I honestly didn't want to spend more than $10. Yes I know I'm being a cheapo but I like to be on a budget. Until I came across The Happy Planner. I found this planner at Michaels and it was so similar to the Erin Condren Planner. I was amazed how similar it was and the Price sold me. I instantly looked up the website to see what selections were available on The Happy Planner site and they pretty much had the exact ones at the store along with a wall of stickers, note pads, folders, inspirational quotes etc.

The planner is a 18 month planner and whats good about it is that you can remove the months that already have passed and add any extras that fit your life style plans. The planner was $24.99 in store and online for Michaels & for The Happy Planner site it is the same price but currently on sale for $12.48. Dont forget that if you decide to pick it up at the store to use a Michaels 50% off coupon which will come out to $12.50. The planner is sold out on the Michael's website but you can check the other website or in stores. The stickers and extras start from $1.99 -$7.99 on line and in stores. I've also seen some cute stickers at the dollar tree if your really all that crazy with the stickers. What type of planners are you using and how do you feel about the sticker and planner world? Leave me a comment down below.


The Happy Planner includes:
  • 18 Month Planner
  • Monthly and weekly calender pages
  • dividers
  • space for creative planning and scheduling