My Gift Guide for 2015

 I cant believe that Chirstmas is literally 7 days away. Where has this month gone? It has been such a busy few weeks for us and trying to shop in between all of my madness hasnt been so easy. I wanted to put this post up even though Chirstmas is next week. A lot of the items are still available in stores and online. The items in this post are gifts that I love and wouldn't mind receiving them or giving them to like my sisters, mom or friend.

1. Is the Kate Spade Watch. This would be a splurge gift for sure. I love watches and what it brings to your final look. I like be the touch of pink in this piece. 

2. GC Chase shoes I'm obsess with. They come in 4 different colors but this grey tone is diffently my favorite. It is available on DSW online. Not sure what colors will be available in stores as it varies in each one. 

3. Target Pajamas are my absolute favorite. They happen to have a lot of them on sale at them moment. They are comfy, stylish and affordable. Who doesn't love getting pajamas as a gift. 

4. This cute purse is also from Target and its another favorite. It has slots in the inside and a zip pocket. It comes with a cross body strap which I love. It diffently holds a good amount of stuff in it. It may vary in stores but you can diffently find it online. 

5. The Gucci Bamboo is my new favorite fragrance. It's not too over powering and not too sweet. Omg it just smells delish. Lol 

I hope you find this list helpful. What kind of items do you have on your wish or on your gift list?? Please share. 

XO- Regina 


  1. OMG! that Target bag! It looks so much like a Kate Spade, I love it!! Great find!

    1. Thanks Jenn. It's really pretty in person. And it's spacious. It's a must!!