DIY Baby Keepsake Ornament

Happy December Everyone! I cant believe Christmas is almost here. We decorated our home on Black Friday and the kids have been so excited for the arrival of our Elf Red. So like many I turn to Pinterest for inspiration and ideas for decor or festive recipes.
I decided to do one of the pinterest inspire ornaments. When searching I just kept coming across the ornament with the hospital baby hat. So being that I saved both my kids hats and hospital bands I thought it would be perfect to do.

I purchase my clear ornament from Walmart but you can purchase them anywhere from the crafts stores like Micheal's, A.C. Moore, or even the Dollar Tree has them. The one I bought was .97 cents and it was the large one. I then picked up Tacky Crafts Glue which dries clear and fast & gold glitter  I put a thin coat of the glue on the bottom of my ornament and worked my way up and then sprinkled the glitter over it. I then let it dry for a few minutes while I finish the next one. I then folded the baby hat and squeezed it through along with the name bands. I used a covered pen to adjust the hat in the inside to get it the way I wanted to lay. I placed the top of the ornament back on and tied jute rope to hang. To add a make it a little more personalized I added gold letter stickers that I found at Walmart for .97 cents. Thanks to my friend Kim who suggested that I should add the boys names on it because it  really made it even more beautiful. I love that I can see these during the holidays and that my boys know its's their special ornament along with their First Christmas ornament.  Let me know what kind of Christmas projects you been working on in the comments below!

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