Press on Nail Obsession

Happy Wednesday Everyone!  I remember the time before kids I would go to the nail salon about every 2-3 weeks faithfully.  It was the thing I probably enjoyed most besides shopping.  It was a me time of relaxing and doing girly stuff.
Well unfortunately that all seem to fade after I had my kids.  I soon only found myself going when there was a special occasion or in the summer for pedicures. Shortly that seem to fade too. I just don't have the time anymore and I'm just always on a budget.  I now do my own Mani and Pedi's when the kids are in bed. That's when I'm able to relax and have some quiet time. But honestly I hate the drying time. I feel myself laying in bed like a mummy so I wont mess them up.

Well recently I was watching a you tuber that I follow and her nails were so cute. I asked her on her snap chat and she replied that they were press on nails.  I could not believe how cute and real looking they were. So now I was on a hunt for these nails. I bought my first pair about two months ago and have been hooked ever since. They are super easy and last me a week. I have been loving two different brands for different reason. The Kiss brand comes with nail glue which I love and the Impress nails come in so many different styles which is why I'm so addicted to those. The Impress brand have a sticky glue to them which literally takes less than 5 minutes to apply. Whats also great is that they come in short, medium and long lengths. I personally think they are supper affordable and price range can vary depending on the store as well. Price range can start from $4.95-$7.99. The package consist of 24 nails and you can always mix and match if you end up with a collection. These are totally great for busy moms who just don't have the time to get to the nail salon or just don't have the time to polish their own nails. Have any of you tried these brands and are you as addicted to them as I am?


    I'm wearing the Impress manicure in Halloween 20.


  1. I am obsessed with the kiss press on French nails! They are seriously the best & so easy to use!