My Mommy Fashion Rut

How many Moms can relate to being in a fashion rut or just don't know what to wear on a daily when your a SAHM? Well I am both. I have fallen into such a rut since the weather has changed. Fall is my favorite season and I have not been wearing any fall attire that makes me feel good and put together. I have fallen into the tees and sweats rut with the mom bun as my sister calls it. I seriously had to take a step back and just look at myself.
I don't want to be that crazy looking mom that drops her son off at school or the mom that shops in pj's at Walmart but I also don't want to be the mom that looks like shes going to the club at 8 am. No No No that can not be me. I have plenty of clothes and I just have not had the energy to get me together. But that has all changed to the point that I put a full face of makeup on to pick my son up from school and my husband was puzzled. lol So what I did was try to figure out how much time I had in the am to get the kids ready, breakfast ready, and lunch box prep all with out being late. I also re evaluated my wardrobe on the pieces that were easy to wear to look put together but that also made me feel good. I do have to say no more full face of makeup though. I narrowed it down to simple easy everyday makeup and I now feel so much better. Now I don't look a hot mess when doing errands and picking up my son from school. Plus it feels good when my son has notice and has given me compliments. I definitely don't want to embarrass him. Take a look what I have been gravitating to in my wardrobe. you can find most of these pieces in Walmart, Forever 21 and Old Navy at affordable prices. What have you been wearing this fall season to drop the kids off to school or even for errands? Any suggestions on any pieces I may need to add to my wardrobe?

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