Press on Nail Obsession

Happy Wednesday Everyone!  I remember the time before kids I would go to the nail salon about every 2-3 weeks faithfully.  It was the thing I probably enjoyed most besides shopping.  It was a me time of relaxing and doing girly stuff.

Peanut Free Zone

Hey Mamas! Hope everyone has been enjoying there week and if your on the East Coast this crazy weather of hot and cold. The other day I was in the supermarket with my crew and I was in the Bakery section picking up some bread when I stumble upon a little section that I've never really seen there before.

My Mommy Fashion Rut

How many Moms can relate to being in a fashion rut or just don't know what to wear on a daily when your a SAHM? Well I am both. I have fallen into such a rut since the weather has changed. Fall is my favorite season and I have not been wearing any fall attire that makes me feel good and put together. I have fallen into the tees and sweats rut with the mom bun as my sister calls it. I seriously had to take a step back and just look at myself.

Walking Against Food Allergies

On Sunday Oct. 11th our family attended our 3rd year at the F.A.R.E Walk in Lakewood, NJ.  We walked in honor of our oldest son J who has multiple food allergies. It turned out to be a beautiful day and we really did enjoy our selves