Classroom Birthdays & Allergies

Now that school is back in session and most of all the school forms that the kids come home with for us parents to fill out are most likely filled out and returned already.  The last form that I did receive had to have been one that makes me happy but may make some other parents annoyed.
My sons teacher sent home the form/letter that states the classroom will remain a Peanut/Nut Free classroom and because there is more than one student with more than just a peanut allergy they will not have any birthday cupcakes in class. I know that there are some people that just do not know the severity of a food allergy that can be possibly deadly. It makes me so happy that my sons teacher is just being extra cautious with her students that have Food Allergies such as my son.
Now just because we cant send in cupcakes to celebrate does not mean we can not send in other non food items. Last year I sent in goody bags filled with stickers, pencils, and fruit snacks.  There are plenty of non food treats that you can send in if you are not sure. And no you don't have to spend a ton of money. The Dollar Tree or even just any dollar store has great selections in little things that you can send in. Honestly I rather my son not be all sugared up in school anyway. lol  How many of you can relate?


Some of the things I like to include in the goody bags for school. 

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  1. One nice thing about not doing baked goods is that it’s less messy. A good friend of mine, who is also a teacher, saw the list I recommended and was delighted. I had never thought of it, but she said cake and cupcakes get frosting all over little fingers and desks and crumbs get everywhere. She loves the candy idea because it's in individual wrappers, so that if kids aren’t hungry they can put it away without dirtying their whole desk and paper written overnight.