Selling on PoshMark

So I figured in this post I would talk about my experience with the PoshMark app ( PoshMark is an app where you can sell your clothing, shoes and accessories right from home. It's so easy and so much fun. I've been using the app for almost a year and I have sold so many of my items. If you have items in your closet that you just no longer use or don't fit you or your current style then PoshMark is the way to go.

It's as simple as snapping a few pictures, writing a description and then pricing your items. You can share your listing on all social medias along with all of the other Poshers on the site to get the most people to view your closet. There are a lot of Posh Parties through out the day where you simply share your items to those specific parties to get your items to sell. When I say you can make good money from items that your no longer using or even items with tags or never worn. We all have items like that in our closets. . Shipping labels are sent to your email and you can order boxes for free. Onçe the Customer receives there package the funds will reflect in your balance. At any time you can request for a check or you can chose to do direct deposit. And don't forget to wrap your items the way you would want to receive them. The dollar spot in Target has great thank you cards and the Dollar Tree has cute tissue paper. So take this weekend to purge your closet and sign up for the PoshMark app. Happy Poshing and let me know if you try it. 
Xo- Regina 

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