Throw Pillow Make Over.

A few months ago after stalking I finally purchase the duvet set I wanted. It was on sale with an extra 15% off and then I found a 5.00 off online coupon code and saved $25.00 in total. Go me. Then I was on a hunt for throw pillows. Everyone that I loved was over $25.00 each and honestly I just can't bring myself to spend that much on throw pillows when I'm on a tight budget. So I figure I would just make my own. Now I've seen so many tutorial and pins on Pinterest with the no sew method but I decided to actually not do all that work with cutting fabric etc.

I went to Walmart and purchase a pair of pillow cases for just a little under $6.00. I placed my pillow on top and with leaving some extra room I cut straight across leaving me with still one open end. I placed my pillow in the pillow case and with matching thread I did an over stitch so that if I wanted to change it all I have to do is cut the thread at one end and pull the thread out. It took me less than 20 minutes to do my pillow make over. Hope this inspires you to revamp some old pillows on a budget. 



From Walmart 


3 piece Duvet Set by Thresholds, 

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