A Very Hungry Caterpillar 1st Birthday Party

On Saturday, June 13th we had Ayden's 1st Birthday Party.  With all the planning and DIY projects it surely went by way to fast. Although I had a few no shows and a lot of people that were not able to come we still had a nice turn out. The kids had a great time and that's all that matter.

This party has to be my favorite party that I've done and decorated for out of all the parties I've done. It was just so simple and budget friendly. I definetly didn't do it alone. My team was on point with there A game. Lol when I say Team I mean my sisters and mom. Everyone had a project and they turned out better than expected. What can I say we're all perfectionist. My DIY's consist of invitations, labels, decor, piƱata, photo booth props, center pieces and my boys tee shirts. 

Ayden's birthday cake was made by my good friend Natasha. Please check out her website www.cake-NV.com. I also had hired entertainment for the kids. We used Blue Balloon Parties (blueballoonparties.com). I must say they did a great job with the kids. I had a hard time finding a magician that also did games and that were energetic in the NJ area. So I was so happy that Blue Balloons Parties were able to travel to NJ being that they are located in NYC. 

Here are some pictures of his birthday party. Hope you enjoy them. If you have any questions on any of my DIY projects please leave a comment and I can do a separate blog on it if requested. 



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