My favorite Mother's Day yet!

So this past Sunday was Mother's Day and I for sure thought that some how my kids would at least sleep till 7am. Boy was that a joke. My little one likes to grace us with his presence between 5:45-6:00 am and then my oldest follows right behind him about 6:30 am. This mama seriously only wanted to sleep in a little longer but what was about to happen next made it all worth getting up so early. My son Jaycob was so excited to give me all the gifts he had bought me for Mother's Day. He had been hiding his gifts under his bed which I was not allowed to look under. Lol  He hands me his first gift that he bought at the school bazar and its a cell phone holder for my night stand along with a travel nail filer. Then he hands me his card he made me at school and it was the most beautiful card I ever received. I read what he wrote to me and I cried my eyes out. He's only in kindergarten and to see how he has grown this past year just amazes me. I was truly happy with just that but he had more stuff for me that he told my husband I needed. Lol so he bought me a new tooth brush (his favorite gift to give everyone in his family), a new mirror to do my make up and beautiful flowers that he picked out. He's just the cutest and most caring and loving little boy ever. He so thoughtful and I'm just so proud of him. 

So with that being said it was a great Mother's Day and not just because of the cute and thoughtful gifts my son bought me but because this Mother's Day I got to spend it with both my boys and hubby. This time last year I was still pregnant with Ayden so it was extra special to have spent it with both boys that made me a MOM. I hope all the Mama's had a great Mother's Day like I did. 

Xo- Regina 

My beautiful card and a poem with Jaycob's hand print. 

My new cell phone holder. Lol it's just to cute and he was a little mad they didn't have my favorite color which is purple. He knows his mommy to well. 

This was on a Mommy and Jaycob day. 

Cuddling with my little love Ayden. 

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