Bathroom 5 Minute Cleaning Tip

There's nothing more that I hate then seeing a dirty bathroom. Your bathroom should never get to that point. I have been using my 5 minute cleaning daily routine for a long time. Honestly you can do this first thing in the morning or right before bed. I promise you it will always stay looking clean and just cuts down on that one good scrub down day.

1. First thing I do is I spray the shower / tub down with Clorax all purpose cleaner. I let that sit for the 5 minutes. 
2. I wipe down all the counters, toilet top and rim, wall, and the outer surface of the tube with Clorax disinfected wipes. 
3. Then I clean the mirrors using Windex glass cleaner. 
I sweep the floor and flush the toilet and once that is done I run the shower to clean off the spray.

Our bathroom looks the same everyday. This is a good habit to get into.  Honestly it just makes it so much easier and who dosent want a nice clean bathroom daily. Plus you never know when you might get unexpected visitors. Lol. Hope this tip is helpful. Happy cleaning. 


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