Bathroom 5 Minute Cleaning Tip

There's nothing more that I hate then seeing a dirty bathroom. Your bathroom should never get to that point. I have been using my 5 minute cleaning daily routine for a long time. Honestly you can do this first thing in the morning or right before bed. I promise you it will always stay looking clean and just cuts down on that one good scrub down day.

1. First thing I do is I spray the shower / tub down with Clorax all purpose cleaner. I let that sit for the 5 minutes. 
2. I wipe down all the counters, toilet top and rim, wall, and the outer surface of the tube with Clorax disinfected wipes. 
3. Then I clean the mirrors using Windex glass cleaner. 
I sweep the floor and flush the toilet and once that is done I run the shower to clean off the spray.

Our bathroom looks the same everyday. This is a good habit to get into.  Honestly it just makes it so much easier and who dosent want a nice clean bathroom daily. Plus you never know when you might get unexpected visitors. Lol. Hope this tip is helpful. Happy cleaning. 


Products that I like to use.   

My favorite Mother's Day yet!

So this past Sunday was Mother's Day and I for sure thought that some how my kids would at least sleep till 7am. Boy was that a joke. My little one likes to grace us with his presence between 5:45-6:00 am and then my oldest follows right behind him about 6:30 am. This mama seriously only wanted to sleep in a little longer but what was about to happen next made it all worth getting up so early. My son Jaycob was so excited to give me all the gifts he had bought me for Mother's Day. He had been hiding his gifts under his bed which I was not allowed to look under. Lol  He hands me his first gift that he bought at the school bazar and its a cell phone holder for my night stand along with a travel nail filer. Then he hands me his card he made me at school and it was the most beautiful card I ever received. I read what he wrote to me and I cried my eyes out. He's only in kindergarten and to see how he has grown this past year just amazes me. I was truly happy with just that but he had more stuff for me that he told my husband I needed. Lol so he bought me a new tooth brush (his favorite gift to give everyone in his family), a new mirror to do my make up and beautiful flowers that he picked out. He's just the cutest and most caring and loving little boy ever. He so thoughtful and I'm just so proud of him. 

So with that being said it was a great Mother's Day and not just because of the cute and thoughtful gifts my son bought me but because this Mother's Day I got to spend it with both my boys and hubby. This time last year I was still pregnant with Ayden so it was extra special to have spent it with both boys that made me a MOM. I hope all the Mama's had a great Mother's Day like I did. 

Xo- Regina 

My beautiful card and a poem with Jaycob's hand print. 

My new cell phone holder. Lol it's just to cute and he was a little mad they didn't have my favorite color which is purple. He knows his mommy to well. 

This was on a Mommy and Jaycob day. 

Cuddling with my little love Ayden. 

Baptism Blessing

On Sunday, May 3rd, 2015 we Baptized our son Ayden. We were surrounded by family and friends and it truly was such a beautiful day. The weather was great and although we had a small turn out it was just so perfect in every way. I was so nervous that Ayden would be crying and fussing through out the ceremony but he was so good. He smiled and was a such happy baby.

After the church we all headed back for a  Breakfast Brunch style reception at a hall. I kept everything extremely simple from food, beverages, to deserts. Our beautiful cake was made by my good friend Natasha. ( Her cakes are so delicious. We then mingled and took tons of pictures. Thank You to everyone who was there for Ayden's special day we are truly bless to have you in our lives. 


Grace Luthern Church 

Ayden and his godfather 

Godparents- Melisa ( my sister ) and Eddie ( family friend ) 

Pintrest inspired DIY center piece. 

Natasha and I. 

Mother's Day budget friendly Gift Guide

So with Mother's Day approaching I'm sure there are some of us that have no clue on what to get the special woman we call MOM. If they are anything like me I just honestly love simple thoughtful gifts like home made cards by my little ones, breakfast in bed and just being able to spend time with my boys and my hubby. But yes it's also nice to recieve other awesome gifts as well. 

Here are a few items that I personally love and would be great Mother's Day gifts that won't break the bank.

1. Loving these reversible tote bags from Target for $36.99. It's like having two bags in one. 

2. Target also has these great Pajama sets for $19.99 by Gilligan & O'Malley. I absolutely love this brand. 

3. Charming Charlie has been my go to for accessories lately and they have these cute Zoe Floral watches for just $20.00. 

4. And my last personal favorite would have to be the Alex and Ani Bangle Bracelets starting at just $28.00. 

Hope this can give you some inspiration in your gift buying for that special lady that gets called MOM!