Girl's Night Out!

Hi! Hope everyone had an awesome weekend. This past Saturday my girlfriends and I had a much needed Girl's Night Out. As much as I love my husband and kids we all need that time with our girl friends to catch up and just have some fun. My girl Kim had booked the activity for our night out and we were all excited. We all attended a pole dancing fitness class at Pole to Pole Fitness. No judgement please. Lol

All I can say is that we had a great time. It was definitely a work out. We laughed so much and worked out muscles we didn't even know we had. The instructor was so sweet and amazing. After class we went out to Happy Hour at Kona Grill. I LOVE this place. A ton of appetizers and drinks and we only paid $20.00 each. Can we say yes please! 

It's so important to find the time to have a GNO.  We all need a little time to our selves. Especially stay at home moms. So if you haven't had a GNO its time to call your girls up and make a date. A Happy Mom = A Happy Home. 


Spring Break Day Trips!

This year for Spring Break I decided to plan some day trips that my son would enjoy.  I wanted to do things that we don't often do and within a budget.  At first I had wanted to stay over night at a couple different places but when I saw the pricing I was just not going to spend that kind of money and not get any sun, sand or beach. So the longest driving trip was about an hour away and I didn't think that was too bad. 

We ended up going to Turtle Back Zoo, Sahara Sam Oasis, LegoLand Discovery Center, movies and Chucky E Cheese ( not my choice) lol. I purchase tickets to most of these places a head of time online and I also searched for coupons as well. I saved about $20 at Sahara Sam Oasis, $9 at Legoland and I even saved about $3.00 on movie tickets using the rewards card. Every little bit counts.

Each day we surprised Jaycob with a new activity and once the day was done he would tell us how each day was the best day ever. We were so happy to just see him smile and be happy. The fact that we could do it as a family is what makes it so memorable to me. Honestly you don't need a lot of money to plan a Spring Break getaway. A lot of these places let you book in advance to guarantee entrance so with some planning, a budget and coupons you can definitely pull off a few days of fun with the family. Here are a few of my favorite moments from our day trips. 


Everything Easter!

Hey everyone! I hope everyone had a great Easter Holiday.  My Easter Day was a long busy day filled with family fun, food, church, and lots of egg hunts. My kids had a great time.  We started out with an Egg Hunt from the Easter Bunny which lead them to their Easter Baskets. 

Both of my boys loved there Easter baskets which were filled with things they love. My items were from the Dollar Tree, Target, Walmart and 5 Below. The most expensive item I bought was the movie which was $10 because it was a double feature movie. 

This year I tried to stay on a budget with everything Easter. Seems like everything just adds up. I was able to find the boys Easter outfits and not spend so much. 

Shirts and sneakers were from Crazy 8 and were all 30% off each. The pants were both from H&M and were $9.95 each and the bow ties are from the dollar spot at Target $3.00 each. Super inexpensive and cute. 

With all my running around I didn't have enough time to get all fancy with my deserts so I made some simple cupcakes. I used food coloring for the icing and added some peeps. Simple and festive. 

I hope everyone had a great Easter!!! 

Designer vs Target Shoes!

Happy Wednesday everyone! So like most woman I have a LOVE for shoes and especially Designer shoes.  But let's get real, I just can't afford some of the ridiculous prices or I just won't justify myself to spending that type of money. After having my kids I've become so budget conscious with everything. Yes I still do buy certain things that I know will last me a life time and can always be a timeless piece in my wardrobe but with shoes I rather just buy me some affordable shoes that I won't cry if they get ruined.