To blog or Not to Blog!

Hi! So it's been almost 3 years since I have posted anything on here. I was passionate at one point in wanting to blog about different obstacles that I was dealing with as a mom of a little boy that had multiple food allergies. Since my last entry things have changed in so many ways. We still struggle with the obstacles of food allergy but not as much like in the beginning. 

I've decided that I would give this another shot but wanted my blog to be more then just me talking about food allergies. So an over view of what you can expect from my blog will be yes my daily obstacles as a stay at home mom, kids fashion on a budget, DIY projects and anything else that may stumble my way. 

Hopefully I'll have some viewers that will be interested in reading and if not it's ok. This will be a place where I can escape and just share my thought and ideas etc. Stay Tune! 



  1. Best of luck and as long as it works for you it will all work out!!💛

  2. Thanks for your kind words! 😉