Allergy friendly eggs?

Hi everyone. Hope you are all having a fabulous Tuesday evening. If you don't know by my previous post I have a son that has multiple food allergies. Although he is allergic to egg white it's still a low grade allergy so it's not as serious as his highest which are tree nuts and coconuts. He really isn't an egg eater to begin with but if it's in food like cake or deserts it does not affect him.
 I know that there are kids or even adults that have a severe allergy to eggs. Anyhow over the weekend I came across on a food allergy site on my Facebook with a picture of eggs. Well lord behold there decorating eggs which are not real eggs if that makes sense. I went to my local Walmart and found them in the Easter candy section. First thing I thought was how clever and awesome for 1. Kids whom are allergic to eggs and 2. For non allergic kids as well. I mean really I hate wasting eggs just to decorate.

They had two types they had the classic white eggs and chalkboard eggs that include a pack of chalk. I was so happy to have found these and hope that if your anything like me that you will run out and get these. Lol perfect for kids of all ages and they were only $1.98 for the medium size eggs. Comment below and let me know what kind of cool allergy friendly items you have come across. I'd love to hear it. 


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