My Gift Guide for 2015

 I cant believe that Chirstmas is literally 7 days away. Where has this month gone? It has been such a busy few weeks for us and trying to shop in between all of my madness hasnt been so easy. I wanted to put this post up even though Chirstmas is next week. A lot of the items are still available in stores and online. The items in this post are gifts that I love and wouldn't mind receiving them or giving them to like my sisters, mom or friend.

1. Is the Kate Spade Watch. This would be a splurge gift for sure. I love watches and what it brings to your final look. I like be the touch of pink in this piece. 

2. GC Chase shoes I'm obsess with. They come in 4 different colors but this grey tone is diffently my favorite. It is available on DSW online. Not sure what colors will be available in stores as it varies in each one. 

3. Target Pajamas are my absolute favorite. They happen to have a lot of them on sale at them moment. They are comfy, stylish and affordable. Who doesn't love getting pajamas as a gift. 

4. This cute purse is also from Target and its another favorite. It has slots in the inside and a zip pocket. It comes with a cross body strap which I love. It diffently holds a good amount of stuff in it. It may vary in stores but you can diffently find it online. 

5. The Gucci Bamboo is my new favorite fragrance. It's not too over powering and not too sweet. Omg it just smells delish. Lol 

I hope you find this list helpful. What kind of items do you have on your wish or on your gift list?? Please share. 

XO- Regina 

Our Family DIY Chirstmas Photo Shoot

Happy Friday!  A few weeks ago we decided to do our own photo shoot.  We have not taken any family pictures since my maternity pictures for Ayden and he is now 18 months (1yr) and there are no pics of us as a family in our home. I know that's really bad.  But honestly photographers can be pricey and we just haven't had the time or money to book a session.  So when I brought up the idea to my husband he was totally on board with the idea. He did say it can go great or be a total bust. Which I was prepared for already

DIY Baby Keepsake Ornament

Happy December Everyone! I cant believe Christmas is almost here. We decorated our home on Black Friday and the kids have been so excited for the arrival of our Elf Red. So like many I turn to Pinterest for inspiration and ideas for decor or festive recipes.

Photo Holiday Outfit under $20

Hello Everyone! So with the Holidays creeping up on us I figure I will share my latest finds on an outfit that I recently wore for our Holiday Family photo shoot. I didn't want to spend crazy money and I wanted something comfortable being that we were doing our own diy photos in the park. I will soon share a post on our shoot that we did our selves.

Press on Nail Obsession

Happy Wednesday Everyone!  I remember the time before kids I would go to the nail salon about every 2-3 weeks faithfully.  It was the thing I probably enjoyed most besides shopping.  It was a me time of relaxing and doing girly stuff.

Peanut Free Zone

Hey Mamas! Hope everyone has been enjoying there week and if your on the East Coast this crazy weather of hot and cold. The other day I was in the supermarket with my crew and I was in the Bakery section picking up some bread when I stumble upon a little section that I've never really seen there before.

My Mommy Fashion Rut

How many Moms can relate to being in a fashion rut or just don't know what to wear on a daily when your a SAHM? Well I am both. I have fallen into such a rut since the weather has changed. Fall is my favorite season and I have not been wearing any fall attire that makes me feel good and put together. I have fallen into the tees and sweats rut with the mom bun as my sister calls it. I seriously had to take a step back and just look at myself.

Walking Against Food Allergies

On Sunday Oct. 11th our family attended our 3rd year at the F.A.R.E Walk in Lakewood, NJ.  We walked in honor of our oldest son J who has multiple food allergies. It turned out to be a beautiful day and we really did enjoy our selves

Sunday Funday

Happy Monday Everyone!  Hope you all had a great weekend.  Yesterday the kids & I went Apple Picking at Battleview Orchards with my sister and Jocelyn.  It was our first time actually going apple picking and although Jaycob initially thought it would be boring he had the best time out of all of us. Although it was cloudy on and off the weather was actually perfect for long sleeves and jeans. It definitely felt like Fall.  We let Ayden walk around and he loved it. He would pick up the apples and then try to throw them as if they were balls. He also thought it was a good idea to try to taste some before buying.

My Fall Favorites for My Boys!

Happy 1st day of Fall! Finally the weather here in New Jersey is finally feeling like Fall.  Its definitely been a lot chiller in the mornings and evenings and I'm loving it. I want to share a few of my favorite pieces for this fall that i have found for my boys. Nothing like affordable and stylish clothes for my kids. You can find the Shirts and Puff Vest in H&M, the Jogger Pants are from Children's Place and these cute Sneakers that I'm obsessed with are from Crazy 8.  Most of these places have sales everyday and if you look online you can also find additional coupons to use.Please share with me what your favorite fall finds are for you kids. Happy Shopping Mamas!


Classroom Birthdays & Allergies

Now that school is back in session and most of all the school forms that the kids come home with for us parents to fill out are most likely filled out and returned already.  The last form that I did receive had to have been one that makes me happy but may make some other parents annoyed.

Food Allergies & 504 Plans!

So with the school year just starting and getting my son back into the routine of things I myself have been super busy with filling out school forms, doctor appointments etc. Being that J has multiple Food Allergies I get pretty anxious when getting all the proper forms filled out and making sure his school has his action plan and EPI Pens in place. Last year while he was in kindergarten I asked the school for a 504 Plan. At first they said he would not need one but because he ended up in a wrong class and was given food with out knowing his history I was pretty annoyed and worried that something worst could of happen

A's Fall Online Fashion Haul

Yay for Fall Fashions! My favorite season is definitely Fall and along with the beautiful leaf colors and cooler weather comes the change in our wardrobe. I recently did some online shopping for my youngest on OLD NAVY's website. I absolutely love there clothes and the quality with the kids clothes.

Fast & Furious 6 Birthday!

Happy Tuesday Everyone! I hope that everyone enjoyed their Labor Day weekend! Last weekend we celebrated our oldest son Jaycob's 6th Birthday. I seriously do not know where the time has gone.  So when asking Jaycob what type of party he wanted this year for his birthday he quickly answered a Fast & Furious Birthday. He is obsessed with cars and he has seen some of the movies and was obsessed with the cars in the movies

Selling on PoshMark

So I figured in this post I would talk about my experience with the PoshMark app ( PoshMark is an app where you can sell your clothing, shoes and accessories right from home. It's so easy and so much fun. I've been using the app for almost a year and I have sold so many of my items. If you have items in your closet that you just no longer use or don't fit you or your current style then PoshMark is the way to go.

Summer Fun!

So now that school has been out for about a month I been trying to keep my kids busy with activities during the day that won't break the bank. I'm on such a tight budget being that I am a SAHM and only have one source of income so I have to keep that in mind when doing things during the week. Lucky for us my parents have a pool so we have definitely been enjoying pool days at Mama and Papa's house this summer.

Throw Pillow Make Over.

A few months ago after stalking I finally purchase the duvet set I wanted. It was on sale with an extra 15% off and then I found a 5.00 off online coupon code and saved $25.00 in total. Go me. Then I was on a hunt for throw pillows. Everyone that I loved was over $25.00 each and honestly I just can't bring myself to spend that much on throw pillows when I'm on a tight budget. So I figure I would just make my own. Now I've seen so many tutorial and pins on Pinterest with the no sew method but I decided to actually not do all that work with cutting fabric etc.

A Very Hungry Caterpillar 1st Birthday Party

On Saturday, June 13th we had Ayden's 1st Birthday Party.  With all the planning and DIY projects it surely went by way to fast. Although I had a few no shows and a lot of people that were not able to come we still had a nice turn out. The kids had a great time and that's all that matter.

My Baby turns ONE!

June 10th 2014 we welcomed Ayden into the World. I just can't believe how fast a year has gone by. He is such a little firecracker who is full of energy. He definitely keeps us on our toes. So as today was approaching I have just been full of emotion. Not just because he turns ONE but because he is my last baby. My oldest will be 6 and I can remember like it was yesterday when he turned ONE.  They grow up so fast. So we like to enjoy them as much by doing lots of family activities. Our family is truly blessed and we just love him so much.

So even though we have a big party planned for the weekend it is our tradition to still celebrate with cake and fun. I also always do a surprise birthday room decor.  My mom use to do it for my sisters and I so when I become a mom it was my duty to do those traditions with my children. We spent the morning and early afternoon at Sesame Place in PA and then came home to celebrate with cake. It was an amazing day for us. Hope you enjoy the pics of Ayden's 1st Birthday and please check back for his Birthday Party blog with lots of DIY projects. 

Birthday Boy! 
Sesame Place in PA. 
Some of the surprise decor. 
My sissy Nichole made the cake and I added his name using chalk board paper and sticks. 

Breakfast at Tiffany's Bridal Shower!

This past weekend I attended Jackie's Bridal Shower along with my mom and sister. It was held at the Knob Hill Golf and Country Club in NJ. The venue was perfect and the theme was done absolutely perfect. On the invitation it instructed us to dress in black attire for the event. So everyone looked elegant and fashionable in there black attire. I mean hey we needed to be as fabulous as Audrey Hepburn.

We enjoyed ourselves with the sit down luncheon and some yummy Mimosa and Sangria. The deserts were tasty and some too cute to even eat. And what's a party without a photo booth. Lol we definitely enjoyed taking pictures in the photo both. 

The beautiful Bride to Be was overwhelmed with joy and how beautiful everything turned out. She loved everything about it and enjoyed herself with family and friends. Congrats Jackie!! 


Mama Bear and I. 
Cheers to Mimosa. 

My mom, Jackie ( bride to be), my Sissy Melisa & I. 
Sandy & I. 
Photo Booth shenanigans! 

Bathroom 5 Minute Cleaning Tip

There's nothing more that I hate then seeing a dirty bathroom. Your bathroom should never get to that point. I have been using my 5 minute cleaning daily routine for a long time. Honestly you can do this first thing in the morning or right before bed. I promise you it will always stay looking clean and just cuts down on that one good scrub down day.

1. First thing I do is I spray the shower / tub down with Clorax all purpose cleaner. I let that sit for the 5 minutes. 
2. I wipe down all the counters, toilet top and rim, wall, and the outer surface of the tube with Clorax disinfected wipes. 
3. Then I clean the mirrors using Windex glass cleaner. 
I sweep the floor and flush the toilet and once that is done I run the shower to clean off the spray.

Our bathroom looks the same everyday. This is a good habit to get into.  Honestly it just makes it so much easier and who dosent want a nice clean bathroom daily. Plus you never know when you might get unexpected visitors. Lol. Hope this tip is helpful. Happy cleaning. 


Products that I like to use.   

My favorite Mother's Day yet!

So this past Sunday was Mother's Day and I for sure thought that some how my kids would at least sleep till 7am. Boy was that a joke. My little one likes to grace us with his presence between 5:45-6:00 am and then my oldest follows right behind him about 6:30 am. This mama seriously only wanted to sleep in a little longer but what was about to happen next made it all worth getting up so early. My son Jaycob was so excited to give me all the gifts he had bought me for Mother's Day. He had been hiding his gifts under his bed which I was not allowed to look under. Lol  He hands me his first gift that he bought at the school bazar and its a cell phone holder for my night stand along with a travel nail filer. Then he hands me his card he made me at school and it was the most beautiful card I ever received. I read what he wrote to me and I cried my eyes out. He's only in kindergarten and to see how he has grown this past year just amazes me. I was truly happy with just that but he had more stuff for me that he told my husband I needed. Lol so he bought me a new tooth brush (his favorite gift to give everyone in his family), a new mirror to do my make up and beautiful flowers that he picked out. He's just the cutest and most caring and loving little boy ever. He so thoughtful and I'm just so proud of him. 

So with that being said it was a great Mother's Day and not just because of the cute and thoughtful gifts my son bought me but because this Mother's Day I got to spend it with both my boys and hubby. This time last year I was still pregnant with Ayden so it was extra special to have spent it with both boys that made me a MOM. I hope all the Mama's had a great Mother's Day like I did. 

Xo- Regina 

My beautiful card and a poem with Jaycob's hand print. 

My new cell phone holder. Lol it's just to cute and he was a little mad they didn't have my favorite color which is purple. He knows his mommy to well. 

This was on a Mommy and Jaycob day. 

Cuddling with my little love Ayden. 

Baptism Blessing

On Sunday, May 3rd, 2015 we Baptized our son Ayden. We were surrounded by family and friends and it truly was such a beautiful day. The weather was great and although we had a small turn out it was just so perfect in every way. I was so nervous that Ayden would be crying and fussing through out the ceremony but he was so good. He smiled and was a such happy baby.

After the church we all headed back for a  Breakfast Brunch style reception at a hall. I kept everything extremely simple from food, beverages, to deserts. Our beautiful cake was made by my good friend Natasha. ( Her cakes are so delicious. We then mingled and took tons of pictures. Thank You to everyone who was there for Ayden's special day we are truly bless to have you in our lives. 


Grace Luthern Church 

Ayden and his godfather 

Godparents- Melisa ( my sister ) and Eddie ( family friend ) 

Pintrest inspired DIY center piece. 

Natasha and I. 

Mother's Day budget friendly Gift Guide

So with Mother's Day approaching I'm sure there are some of us that have no clue on what to get the special woman we call MOM. If they are anything like me I just honestly love simple thoughtful gifts like home made cards by my little ones, breakfast in bed and just being able to spend time with my boys and my hubby. But yes it's also nice to recieve other awesome gifts as well. 

Here are a few items that I personally love and would be great Mother's Day gifts that won't break the bank.

1. Loving these reversible tote bags from Target for $36.99. It's like having two bags in one. 

2. Target also has these great Pajama sets for $19.99 by Gilligan & O'Malley. I absolutely love this brand. 

3. Charming Charlie has been my go to for accessories lately and they have these cute Zoe Floral watches for just $20.00. 

4. And my last personal favorite would have to be the Alex and Ani Bangle Bracelets starting at just $28.00. 

Hope this can give you some inspiration in your gift buying for that special lady that gets called MOM! 

Girl's Night Out!

Hi! Hope everyone had an awesome weekend. This past Saturday my girlfriends and I had a much needed Girl's Night Out. As much as I love my husband and kids we all need that time with our girl friends to catch up and just have some fun. My girl Kim had booked the activity for our night out and we were all excited. We all attended a pole dancing fitness class at Pole to Pole Fitness. No judgement please. Lol

All I can say is that we had a great time. It was definitely a work out. We laughed so much and worked out muscles we didn't even know we had. The instructor was so sweet and amazing. After class we went out to Happy Hour at Kona Grill. I LOVE this place. A ton of appetizers and drinks and we only paid $20.00 each. Can we say yes please! 

It's so important to find the time to have a GNO.  We all need a little time to our selves. Especially stay at home moms. So if you haven't had a GNO its time to call your girls up and make a date. A Happy Mom = A Happy Home. 


Spring Break Day Trips!

This year for Spring Break I decided to plan some day trips that my son would enjoy.  I wanted to do things that we don't often do and within a budget.  At first I had wanted to stay over night at a couple different places but when I saw the pricing I was just not going to spend that kind of money and not get any sun, sand or beach. So the longest driving trip was about an hour away and I didn't think that was too bad. 

We ended up going to Turtle Back Zoo, Sahara Sam Oasis, LegoLand Discovery Center, movies and Chucky E Cheese ( not my choice) lol. I purchase tickets to most of these places a head of time online and I also searched for coupons as well. I saved about $20 at Sahara Sam Oasis, $9 at Legoland and I even saved about $3.00 on movie tickets using the rewards card. Every little bit counts.

Each day we surprised Jaycob with a new activity and once the day was done he would tell us how each day was the best day ever. We were so happy to just see him smile and be happy. The fact that we could do it as a family is what makes it so memorable to me. Honestly you don't need a lot of money to plan a Spring Break getaway. A lot of these places let you book in advance to guarantee entrance so with some planning, a budget and coupons you can definitely pull off a few days of fun with the family. Here are a few of my favorite moments from our day trips. 


Everything Easter!

Hey everyone! I hope everyone had a great Easter Holiday.  My Easter Day was a long busy day filled with family fun, food, church, and lots of egg hunts. My kids had a great time.  We started out with an Egg Hunt from the Easter Bunny which lead them to their Easter Baskets. 

Both of my boys loved there Easter baskets which were filled with things they love. My items were from the Dollar Tree, Target, Walmart and 5 Below. The most expensive item I bought was the movie which was $10 because it was a double feature movie. 

This year I tried to stay on a budget with everything Easter. Seems like everything just adds up. I was able to find the boys Easter outfits and not spend so much. 

Shirts and sneakers were from Crazy 8 and were all 30% off each. The pants were both from H&M and were $9.95 each and the bow ties are from the dollar spot at Target $3.00 each. Super inexpensive and cute. 

With all my running around I didn't have enough time to get all fancy with my deserts so I made some simple cupcakes. I used food coloring for the icing and added some peeps. Simple and festive. 

I hope everyone had a great Easter!!!